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May 5, 2015

Last summer I couldn't stand our ugly, dark, functionless, cedar plank lined linen closet
for one more second.
So I took a hammer to it and started ripping out nails.
I was tired after about 2 planks. Apparently the builders wanted them to withstand a wrecking ball.
So I asked my husband to finish what I started.
That's usually how I get things done around here.
I have BIG plans for this place and when I start scheming
all my husband sees is hours of work and dollar signs.
Now there may be some truth to that but if I had things my way
our house would've been done a month after we moved in
and if he had it his way it would probably look exactly the same as it did when we moved in.
So we'll call this little game we play "compromise". ;)

So apparently in my haste I forgot to take before photos.
But these are the planks that covered the walls in the closet.
I basically got a splinter every time I needed a towel. Not cool.
Also, there was ZERO shelving.
So everything was literally in a giant pile on the floor. Good times.

My husband built the shelves and we patched and painted
and then I finally got to do the fun part, organize.
And now we have a beautiful WHITE organized linen closet.

This is also my little apothecary space.
It's where I keep all my essential oils, containers for mixing, bandages, etc.
We use a lot of oils in our bedtime routine so I like to have them handy
yet out of the reach of little fingers.

It might not be pinterest worthy because I actually have to store real life stuff in here
but I sure do love it now.
This is what we've done with some of those cedar planks.

My husband made this adorable baby gate!
He sanded it like crazy and all we put on it was a clear finish. I LOVE it.

The week we moved into our house I sketched out a rough plan for our master closet.
I took some measurements of the space, measured my boots and heals, took an inventory of what I had and figured out how I wanted to organize everything.
We have a nice sized closet but every closet in our house has that horrible metal shelving
and NO poles to hang clothes.
We literally had to put a hanger in every slot in the wire shelving. So stupid.
Again. No idea what the builder of this house was smoking.
After finishing my sketch I taped it to the back of the closet door knowing it was waaaaaay down
on the to-do list and that was okay with me.
There was so many other things that needed to be done first.
But my husband, being the awesome guy that he is, decided to surprise me
and build it out while I was on a trip with my parents and sister in January.
So this is what I left to only full of crap…

And this is what I came home to…

Organization station! My man definitely knows the way to my heart.
Its so much more fun getting dressed now that I can see everything I have.

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