jia rose's winter princess tea party

February 26, 2015

I've always felt more like a mom of boys.
I mean, I love my lipgloss and highlights
but I despise drama, process emotion more like a dude and have pretty thick skin.
But I have to admit, this having a girl thing is pretty dang fun.
Jia asked for a "frozen" party (of course) and I am pretty frozen'ed out
with that being the theme of our daddy daughter dance last year
and with it being E. VERY. WHERE.
So I said this was her "frozen" party but we went more of the "winter princess" route. :)
Manipulative? Maybe.
Grandma did princess face painting (I'm so mad I didn't get a photo!) 
and the girls were so sweet and patient waiting for their turn.
I sent the boys to Cabela's with daddy and we had the quietest, most lovely party ever.
I think I could get used to this…

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