jett's transformer birthday party

January 20, 2015

Once again, one of my boys had to challenge me with their chosen birthday theme.
I am loving all things woodland, boho and rustic and this theme is such a sharp contrast.
But I love being pushed and challenged and ended up really digging this transformer theme.

This was hard to capture in photos but the drinks actually glowed!
Vitamin b + a black light for the win.

I had to capture this photo of Jett eating his cake considering for the past 12 MONTHS (literally)
he has reminded me over and over again that he didn't get a piece of his birthday cake last year
(he chose a cupcake instead) so I had to make sure to document it this year. :)

After treats we had a Just Dance glow party, RAVE if you will, and it was so. much. fun.

Happy Birthday Jetty!!

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Megha said...

Hi, Love the decoration! how did you create the background?

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