granny lucy's birthday tea party

December 19, 2014

The first weekend in December Jeff's grandmother celebrated her 90TH BIRTHDAY.
Her mother lived to be 102 I think. They've got good genes.
Jeff, Jagger and I flew to New Mexico
to celebrate and so that I could help throw the big shindig.

I feel like this was the first time that I actually appreciated New Mexico's beauty and quirks.
And boy is it quirky. I mean, drive through Madrid and then call me.
The three things my husband misses the most…the mountains, blue skies and food.

12 years ago he took me home for the first time to meet his family. That is CRAZY ya'll.
We drove to Los Alamos to visit his grandparents and stopped at this overlook for a photo.

(look how curly my hair used to be!)


An afternoon tea, complete with coffee, tea, punch, cake, macaroons and tea sandwiches,
was how we celebrated the birthday girl.
That night, after the party, Lucy told my sister-in-law she couldn't sleep
because she was so excited about the day and there were so many happy thoughts
and details running through her mind.
Ummm…mission complete!!

During the party guests shared their favorite story or memory about Lucy
and I was blown away and brought to tears by so many of them.
Jeff's grandparents have left such a legacy in their wake -
they are known for opening up their home, giving away their time, money and resources,
loving, serving and encouraging others, being kind and generous, saying the hard things,
I could go on and on…
and the impact it has left on so many people's lives is truly inspiring.
I can only hope that someday Jeff and I are half the servants his grandparents were and are.

Jagger was spoiled rotten being an only child on this trip.
And he was way too cool to nap while we were there, making me wish I had left him at home,
but then I wouldn't have this sweet photo.
Yes, I repeat, Granny Lucy is NINETY.

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