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June 6, 2014

I have been amazed at all of the ways to use essential oils,
especially in my beauty routine.
I've slowly been replacing products with who knows what in them
with basically coconut oil and essential oils.
One thing I think we often forget is that our skin is an organ. A big one.
And it absorbs everything we come in contact with like a sponge.
Pollution, chemicals, you name it.
So when I use oils for beauty, it feels good knowing
good stuff is actually soaking into my system as well.
When I first got my kit,
I started using 1 drop of frankincense in about a teaspoon of coconut oil on my face each night.
Frankincense helps fight aging, lemon is great for acne and myrrh helps chapped skin.

I'm a fair skinned person and I have and get a lot of moles.
I've had some shady looking ones removed over the course of my life
- including one removal that left a giant frankenstein scar on my upper thigh -
so I'm always keeping an eye on them.
Towards the end of my pregnancy a tiny little bump appeared on my chest.
I still don't know if it was a mole, skin tag or small wart but I definitely wanted it gone.
I tried several different oils on it, including oregano neat (not diluted)
and it left a dark spot on my skin so don't do that - always dilute oregano!
Thankfully it sloughed off so I'm good.
Then I just started using thieves.
The amazing oil blend that comes with the starter kit and is good for pretty much every illness.
I just put one drop on it every night after my shower
- thieves is one of my favorite smelling oils too! -
and within a few weeks the bump was totally gone!
Now I'm trying it on a larger mole that really needs to be removed
but if I can get rid of it naturally without spending hundreds of dollars
and without ending up with a frankenstein scar I'd say that's a win win!

I'm also using pachouli to help tighten up my postpartum belly skin
and the gentle baby blend helps with stretch marks!

Carrot seed oil can be combined with coconut oil and used as a natural sunblock!

The possibilities are truly endless!

If you want any more information on essential oils
- how to order your own starter kit, if you want to try out a couple
or want to know more about how to use them -
feel free to email me!
I'm part of an awesome group called essential families
headed up by two of my dear friends and we have a great community
offering each other a wealth of information.
Becoming a part of this group would be a benefit of signing up with me! :)

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor
so always talk with yours before
making any changes to your health care routine!

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