our home: the mudroom

April 9, 2014

The very first time Jeff showed me our house I remember peeking in the back door
trying to see as much of the house as possible from that angle.
(Don't worry, we're not creepers. The house was a foreclosure and vacant. ;) )
And I remember seeing a toilet practically IN the kitchen
and thinking "yeah, that's gotta change."

It took about a year of conversations with my 4 year old sitting on this toilet
while I chopped vegetables for dinner before I convinced my husband to move the door.
I think I can safely say we ALL were not thrilled
about those two smells mixing together in the kitchen.
And if you have ever been a guest in my home
and therefore a victim to this horrible setup, I apologize.
Yes, we could hear you peeing even with the door shut. Again, my apologies.

In addition to this disastrous situation in the kitchen,
I had a tiny laundry room and a worthless pantry that I shoved random crap into.
(So not my style, people.)

And there were way way way too many doors happening everywhere.

As you can see by all my weird angled photos, the space was super tight.
One of my friends who's been here was even confused
when I tried explaining the changes we were making so I drew up a quick floor plan…



One Saturday back in August (yes, AUGUST ya'll)
I had had enough and convinced my husband to demo the wall
separating the pantry and laundry room.

It was a glorious day in the hatfield household.

Next came moving the bathroom door.
This too was super exciting (see bathroom comments above).

And ever since we have been trying to finish the space on our own.
After demoing the wall and moving the door, walls and ceilings had to be patched,
electrical had to be rewired, tile had to be replaced, the list seemed never ending.
I definitely became a borderline "dripping faucet" to my husband
who did all this work with practically no construction experience,
but I think I can safely say he's pretty happy with the changes too.

No more kitchen toilet!
Eventually I'll have a giant chalkboard on this wall.

We decided to leave this door off and turn it into a cased opening.
I love it like this however the only downfall is our not so new or aesthetically pleasing
and very LOUD washer and dryer.
Someday we'll have new, but for now they work which means they will be staying.

It was extremely important that this small space be utilized to its full potential,
having both form and function.
It needed to be cute because the room is open to the kitchen
and people will walk through it to get to the bathroom.
And it needed to be practical because its still my laundry and utility room.

The baskets underneath the bench house our shoes
and the corkboard is for all of Jaymin's school forms that I need to keep track of.

{numbered hook idea from emily jones}

I can't believe its finally finished!
This space turned out even better than I imagined and its so nice to have a place for everything!


Erin Rayner said...

Amazing job Chelsea!!! Love it!

Jami Nato said...

it's so perfect! much better use of the space for sure.

Tonya Broddle said...

Looks beautiful! You guys did an amazing job. I really like the black rug. Where did you find that?

Tonya Broddle said...

Looks beautiful! You guys did an amazing job. I really like the black rug. Where did you find that?

Hope said...

This is lovely. I'm yearning for a place where I can make it my own. This is beautiful and so homy. I love your choice of colors too.

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