jia's rainbow heart party

April 3, 2014

With not knowing when Jagger would make his big debut I really debated on whether or not to throw Jia a party this year. But I just couldn't let her 2nd birthday slip by without one…even if it was 6 weeks late. :) That and hello, its another opportunity for me to throw a party.

Jia is such a bright and sunny spot in our lives, hearts and rainbows seemed to be the right choice for her this year. :)

It was finally this little girl's turn to have "happy day" sung to her. :)

And the only thing she really cared about. CAKE.

I love my sweet little Jia and actually feel even closer to her now that I have THREE BOYS.
Its like we need to stick together even more now. :)
And throw rainbow heart parties. ;)


Anonymous said...

So cute! Where did you find the invites please!

Chelsea said...

I made them!

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