YL essential oils testimony: mastitis

March 7, 2014

When Jagger was about 2 weeks old, I noticed one afternoon that my left side was getting sore.
Knowing the warning signs for mastitis, it slightly concerned me.
By 5 o'clock that evening it was so painful nursing Jagger I could barely sit still.
While I'm sitting there I am hit by a wave of intense chills.
I am FREEZING and shaking uncontrollably.
Thank goodness my mother-in-law was still here and could take over kid duty
while I hurry upstairs and take the hottest shower my skin can handle
…without entirely burning my flesh off.
I couldn't get in the shower fast enough and was this close to crying cause I felt so awful.
I think I freaked my husband out pretty good with that one since he's seen me cry all of twice.
He had been sick all week as well and all I could think was "I can NOT get mastitis right now!"
So I run hot water over the sore spot then get out
and put on like 20 layers of sweats and then pump.
After pumping I rub lavender oil on the sore spot and up into my armpit.
Then I crawl into bed, feeling like I have the flu, and try to sleep.

warning signs of mastitis:

- sore spots that are red and hot to the touch (mine never got red or hot)
- chills and flu like symptoms
- painful nursing
- fever

After I wake up and can somewhat function I get to work.
To battle the infection from within I take probiotics, garlic, vitamin C and drink lots of water.
You need to keep nursing and pumping - no matter how painful - as much as possible.
While nursing and pumping I would use a warm compress to encourage blood flow.
And then I applied lavender oil to the sore spots in the morning and before bed.
With the way I felt (like death) I was sure a full blown infection was inevitable.
So I was pleasantly surprised when I woke the next morning feeling slightly better
(other than almost blacking out while making my breakfast, yikes).
By the next day I was almost completely back to normal!
I think the combination of what I did helped me to keep the infection at bay
but I believe the lavender oil's immediate application on site
helped the most with the inflammation.
Probiotics, garlic and vitamin C are all necessary
but would not have worked into my system fast enough to rid me of the infection.

how I treated mastitis:

- lavender oil, twice a day, undiluted, applied directly to sore spots and arm pit
- warm compresses
- nurse nurse nurse!…and then pump
- probiotics, garlic, vitamin C
- lots of water
- lots of rest

What I had may or may not have been a full blown infection.
My symptoms would say yes but the time frame (2 or 3 days) would say no.
All I know is if I wouldn't have gotten it under control,
my healthcare provider would've wanted me on antibiotics.
Which I would not want to take with a nursing infant.

I'm so glad I thought to use my oils and had what my reference guide recommended!
Lavender for the win!!

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Tracy said...

I had a similar experience, used lavender and Melaleuca (hot shower, hot compress, etc...) Love my oils!!

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