YL essential oils testimony: I'm a believer!

February 6, 2014

I wrote this story almost 2 weeks ago. I had planned on waiting until after baby was here to post it but I'm STILL waiting on baby and its just too exciting to wait any longer. :)


I'm 38 weeks pregnant right now and for the last 4 weeks or so I have been battling a pinched nerve in my upper back/lower neck that causes my entire right arm to fall asleep and my hand to burn like its on fire. This happens only at night but not when I nap in the afternoons for some reason. My dad (my chiropractor) thinks it is due to swelling as well as the extra weight I'm carrying up front which is probably affecting my posture. I'm getting adjusted as often as possible (about twice a week) and icing 1-2 times a day, always right before bed. My arm has progressively been getting worse as my pregnancy continues and I have gotten to the point where I basically don't sleep at all at night. I'm up about every 20 minutes, with my hand BLAZING and the only way to get the feeling back is to STAND UP (not SIT up) and walk around. So I walk laps in my bedroom to get it to stop burning but as soon as I lay down the tingling starts back up and soon after comes the fire. Every position results in pain - both sides and my back and I obviously can't lay on my stomach. As I said, this means I get NO sleep so I desperately look forward to the golden, diamond encrusted nap time each afternoon where I get about an hour to an hour and half while my littles sleep. This issue has gotten so bad it now takes several hours for my hand to fully "wake up" in the mornings, tingling for a long time, as I try to make breakfast for my kids, get dressed, etc. and my entire arm is super sore in the morning. My husband as "moved out" of our bedroom and into the guest room so his sleep is not constantly interrupted by my waking and pacing every 20 minutes. The other night, the pain was so severe I wanted to scream and cry all at once and I just felt so helpless. At that point, I was ready to pump my body full of every single drug on the market as long as it didn't hurt my baby. So unlike me.

Like I said, I have been getting adjusted about twice a week and icing about twice a day. I've tried sleeping in our recliner as well as sleeping propped up in bed. As far as my dad knew, there wasn't really anything else that could help. We had talked about a pain reliever (acetematphin, ibuprofen, etc.) to stop the pain signal to my arm and hand but I try to take things like that as little as possible and even less while pregnant and we weren't even sure it would work. I had even started going to bed as late as I could (midnight) hoping to postpone the pain and sleeplessness and possibly make the nights shorter. At 2, 3, 4am I would check the clock hoping it was close enough to morning to just get up for the day. I. was. DESPERATE. for relief.

To have this much pain and lack of sleep before I even started the process of natural labor and delivery was SOOOOO frustrating to me. That looming over me is enough, but these painful, sleepless nights were consuming me and my thoughts when I should be thinking about the sweet babe inside of me, enjoying the last few days of my LAST PREGNANCY EVER, and mentally preparing for delivery.

Enter a miracle from heaven (you can bet I was crying out to God for help), essential oils.

I am very holistic when it comes to healthcare. Slightly hippie. We don't vaccinate (although I realize there's a time and a place), I despise antibiotics (although I realize there's a time and a place), I am repulsed by unnecessary medical intervention, especially during childbirth (yes you guessed it, I realize there's a time and a place). I try to "heal" myself and my family as naturally as possible. My husband thinks I'm crazy most of the time but for the most part puts up with my hippie ways (except for home births, tear). So much of my health belief system is based on my faith. I believe God created our amazing bodies (that put up with so much abuse from us) and that He gave us natural tools to fight illness and disease. That's why I feel so strongly about BUILDING UP and SUPPORTING our (incredible) immune systems rather than "covering up" problems with shots and synthetic drugs. All that being said, I've been wanting to try out essential oils for several months now but didn't have the extra money to purchase the recommended starter kit.

So I FINALLY decided to beg one of my friends to try out some of her oils on my nerve. She brought them to church yesterday and last night, before bed, I iced as usual then rubbed several drops of the "Valor" oil on my upper back and lower neck. Valor is a blend and its often called "chiropractor in a bottle". When I was researching which oil to use on nerve issues this one was recommended the most. Then I decided to forgo the seven hundred propped up pillows, using just one, and tried to sleep normally. I slept. uninterrupted. until 4:45am!!! My hand was asleep but not on fire. I walked to the bathroom and by the time I got there the feeling had returned. I rubbed some more oil on and went back to bed. I couldn't fall back asleep though cause I was so excited and my mind was reeling! With "all that sleep" I had gotten I felt like I could conquer the world! Like the first time your newborn sleeps through the night. You know what I'm talkin' about, mamas. I finally calmed my mind down enough to drift off to sleep and slept all the way to morning. Again, my hand was asleep, but the feeling quickly returned, and my arm was not sore. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Can this really be possible!?!?! I did not expect results this quickly, if at all. I am just so thankful that I can hopefully enjoy the last few days of my last pregnancy now.

…to be continued…


Present day. I'm 39 weeks and 5 days. Its been almost 2 weeks since I started using the Valor blend essential oil on my nerve and not only did it stop the pain the very first night I used it, but its continued to improve almost to the point of nonexistence.  I feel AMAZING. I'm completely rested and have been able to focus on my pregnancy and not the horrible pain I was battling each and every night. I am truly a believer now!!

In the last week I've received my own starter kit and have been researching all the amazing ways to integrate and use oils in my daily life. I hope to share some more testimonies in the coming months but if you would like to try out any of the orders at wholesale cost OR give the starter kit a try (Valor comes in the starter kit!) it is on sale today only! Email me with questions or orders (by 4pm for the starter kit sale)!

Starter kit regularly: $150 + tax and shipping
Today only its: $143 shipping included!

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