jagger scott is here and this is his story.

February 28, 2014

Saturday, February 8th was my due date and I had felt nothing all day long.
Some "tight" non-painful contractions here and there throughout the day
but that's normal for me from about 6 months on.
My in-laws were staying with us while we anticipated the baby's arrival
and we stayed up late that night watching a movie on tv,
The Pursuit of Happiness I believe, and then got hooked working on a puzzle.
We were finally gaining some momentum on it and enjoying light conversation
when I finally looked at the clock and realized how late it was and declared it bedtime.
Jeff and I took our showers and crawled into bed around 1am.
At 1:20, as we were both in the "in-between" state of sleep and awake,
I feel a pop and a rush and gasp (loudly) cause I was so surprised.
Jeff: what's wrong!?
Me: my water just broke.
Jeff: are you serious?
Me: yep.
Jeff: (groan) okay, let's go.
We call the midwife on call and after telling her my water had broken,
I was 40 weeks, was dilated to a 5 and on my fourth child
she thought it was a good idea to go ahead and get to the hospital…quickly. :)
So we get dressed - which is pointless for me cause every time I contract
I lose more water, and so much for my shower by the way - and finish packing.
We get on the road around 1:45 and have about a 25 minute drive.
I had 2 decent contractions before we left but as soon as we're in the car
they start coming hard and fast.
Jeff started out going the speed limit but every contraction he'd increase it about 5mph. Lol.
He REALLY didn't want to deliver that baby on the side of the road
at 2 o'clock in the morning and in 20 degree weather.
Dads of 4 or more did their job of scaring him half to death. :)
So we finally pull up to the hospital, Jeff leaves the car outside (running) to walk me in
and contractions are probably a minute apart.
I get up to the maternity ward and am so relieved to find out
my mom and midwife are waiting for me.
Jeane (my midwife) takes one look at me and knows its go time.
They get me to a room and she tells me they need to swarm me for a minute.

I get half undressed, I contract,
they get the baby monitor on, I contact,
they get the IV in my arm, I contract
(that one sucked cause they didn't have it taped and I flexed my arm for a contraction)
finally Jeane gets a chance to check me and tells me I'm practically complete.
She asks if I feel like I need to push and I say "not yet".
Two or three contractions later I'm pushing, one looooooong (and loud) push.
Jeane tells me to stop and somehow I manage to not only hear her but comprehend and comply
(which is almost impossible in this state).
The cord's around the baby's neck - just once - she quick unloops it and suctions
and its like I knew she was done (even though I didn't know) and push one more time
and Jeff places a baby on my chest.

It's 2:27 am.
We walked in the room at 2:10 am.
I'm so relieved it's here, I'm done, oh my gosh that sucked, and hurt so bad, my head is spinning,
everything happened so fast, and oh yeah, is this babe I'm holding a boy or a girl?

It's a boy.

Oh my goodness. So happy he's here. My little…oh wait, not so little…8 lb 1 oz, Jagger Scott. :)

Muscle man.

Filling out paperwork that we didn't quite get to before baby came. :)

Big sister is in loooove.

Big brother's got this.

Happy…and tired. :)

Going home.

What an adventure this little guy gave me!
This was such a great delivery and I got everything I wanted.
I always wanted my water to break on its own
and I wanted fast.
Who wants to sit around and labor for hours?
Not me.
Been there, done that.

With how well things went with waiting until my body started labor on its own,
I really, really wish I would have done the same with the others.
(For one I got labor going naturally and for the other two I had my membranes stripped.)
It's really easy for me to feel guilt over this,
and even wrote about it with Jia's birth,
but the fact of the matter is everyone is here, healthy and happy,
I can't change the decisions I made in the past and even if I could,
it doesn't mean the outcome would've been different.

I'm just so very thankful to end this special, special season of my life
on such a high note.
…and now I have 4 kids to raise. Yikes. ;)


Corey's Girl said...

Glad it was such a good birth! Congratulations-he's beautiful!

Hope said...

You look so amazing. And that right after birth. It's a beautiful story!!

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