children's book themed shower

January 28, 2014

This past weekend I had the privilege of co-hosting
a couples baby shower for some really good friends
who are expecting their second baby girl!

Even though we know Leanne's baby is a girl,
we wanted to do a "vintage children's' book" themed shower.
She kind of did the "pink thing" with her first little girl
and I think was ready for something different. :)
Plus, she's a first grade teacher and as cliche as it might be, I just couldn't help myself. ;)
I was worried the colors and details would end up looking too boyish
but I think more than anything, its a great gender neutral theme.
I most definitely was inspired by my friend Jami's book themed shower
as well as Disney's library themed birthday party
and have been itching to do my own rendition! :)

library card invites.

book paper fans.

classic coca~cola.

pom pom garland.
{available for purchase here!}

gotta have your veggies.

potato chips and onion dip.
{polka dot runner available for purchase here!}

chicken salad sandwiches.
{mini flags available for purchase here!}

pencils in a flower arrangement? why not?

book paper pinwheels.
{available for purchase here!}

classic blue mason jars.

and the super sweet fam of honor.

Leanne is the mastermind behind the famous blog "mrs. prince & co"
where she designs adorable printables for fellow teachers!

This was my last "big thing" before baby gets here
and I'm so grateful for my co-host and friend, Jancy, for offering to host at her place!
I'm so glad baby stayed put and let me be a part of this special day!
Kind of like Jia 2 years ago. :)
Now its time to play the waiting game!


Zena Thomas said...

Chelsea- promise me you will help me with a shower when (if?) Preston or Becca gets married. I just love ALL of your ideas! Take care my dear and get your rest while you still can. Love, Zena

Jami Nato said...

agh! so cute!!!

Dee D said...

I love your party decor... awesome job. I only wish I could set up a party like that.

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