Jett's warm and fuzzy woodland party

January 14, 2014

Jetty turning 4 has been hard for me for some reason.
I feel like he should just stay 3 in my heart forever.
I actually missed his third birthday due to my grandpa's funeral last year
and have never quite recovered from the "mom guilt"
of not being able to throw him a party. :)
So this year, I really wanted to go all out
and make my little guy feel special and oh so loved.
I wanted it to be all about HIM. :)

My kids have a thing for foxes.
And I can say it began before the whole "what does the fox say" phenomenon.
My parents have a couple of acres and a small wooded area
and there is a fox that will make an apperance every so often in their backyard.
He is a beautiful bright orangy red and stands out among the trees.
My kids go crazy when they see him.

So the fox love coupled with a freezing time of year,
a "warm and fuzzy woodland" party was sounding just right. :)
Except that the day of the party ended up being about 55 degrees…
After negative and single digit temps just days before
and hot chocolate and hot cider on the menu. Oh well. :)
My favorite thing about this party was that everything
was gluten free so nothing was off limits for my little guy. :)

The party was definitely a success.
Jett was thrilled he could eat everything on the table,
couldn't believe all the presents were just for HIM,
and had a blast playing with all his little friends.

Thank you so much to all our dear friends
that came out and helped us celebrate our little man!!
…now lets all just go on pretending he's still 3…


Gwen, The Makerista said...

What an adorable party, Chelsea! All the details are just beautiful.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

Wonderfully done and you make beautiful babies handsome little fox!

Jami Nato said...

omg!!!! and i didn't know he was g free? everything is so cute

Anonymous said...

I didn't know he was gluten free! should have invited Patrick to the party ;). Looks like it was another adorable party put on by supermom. Good to see you over xmas, Chels. Love, Mandy

Chelsea said...

Yes! Remember when he had all those digestive issues? We took gluten out of his diet and he's been great since! Jia showed the same signs so she is as well!

Chelsea said...

Yes him and Jia both are! Super mom I am not, just love doing this! :) It was great seeing you too! Hopefully we won't go as long this time! :)

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