christmas 2013

January 7, 2014

Some of my favorites from this year…

My doll baby on Christmas Eve.

Waiting patiently to open the first gift of the year.

Daddy reading the story of Christmas.

Feeling nostalgic.

Going for the orange after scarfing down a handful of chocolates.

Jetty's very own treasure chest.

Someone's excited about his new underwear…ahem, I mean BOXERS. ;)

Trying out the new memory game.

On to grandma and grandpa's house…with a mandatory pj change. #blowout

My dad thinks its hilarious to get the kids random, goofy gifts like this.
They never really know what to think. ;)

Christmas was super simple and calm this year which makes me happy.
We spent the day in our pajamas dozing by the fire and watching Christmas movies.

1 comment:

Breanna said...

To me a super simple and calm Christmas is the best, there are enough other crazy days during the rest of the year. I love the picture of the treasure chest, what a cute gift!

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