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December 18, 2013

I never thought I'd be the person that changes their christmas decor every year.
But I've changed things up for at least the last 3 years so…there ya go.
This year I was really feeling the "white christmas" theme with a touch of rustic
so I went with all neutrals - white, gold, silver, burlap, etc.
And I would like you to note the date.
1 week until Christmas!
I got this all done with a week to spare!
Good thing its all coming down in like 2 weeks…

The mantle is my favorite.
When I purchased the antlers this summer I thought I would only use them for fall
but I love them with my christmas decor!

I made the burlap and fur stockings and cut numbers out of cardboard and covered in glitter.
The fact that all my kids have "J" names means we'll be using numbers a lot around here.

I made this bay leave wreath and absolutely love it.
I think I'll be able to use it even after christmas but it is super fragile.

I tried to use a lot of items I already had on hand - like my old window, antlers, etc. -
as well as my mercury glass trees, glittered birch bark candles
and jars of silver jingle bells and gold glittered pinecones.

I made this fun little pom pom garland and love what it adds to the mantle.

{without the stockings}

I didn't buy anything new for the tree,
just used all of my white, gold and silver ornaments and decor.

I made this paper chain out of music paper last year
and definitely wanted it back on the tree.

I am a fan of old fashioned silver tinsel.
Its super cheap at walmart or target and really bulks up your tree and adds shine.

I also use garlands a lot on the tree for bulk and interest.
I have a couple different glittered garlands I put on this year.

Have you seen this on pinterest?
Tying strips of tulle onto your strands of lights?
I tried it this year and I think it added a soft little touch.

Every year I just wrap the bottom of our tree with fabric but when I saw this tree skirt
I knew it would be perfect with the look I was going for.
I, of course, do not have $200 to spend on a tree skirt,
so instead I spent $10 on cream flannel and made my own. :)
It could use some more petal layers but I was pretty tired of hand stitching those suckers on.

I have to say I'm proud that my couch is full of pillows this season.
Sometimes it has none…and then you see it in all of its worn out glory.

I got the fuzzy white pillows from walmart
(not wanting to spend a lot but wanting a "fuzzy" look)
and the gray I made from some upholstery I picked up on clearance last month.

This fur throw is from target and we all basically fight over it. ;)

I saw this pillow at pottery barn and knew I had to have it.
And by that I mean make it. ;)
It was actually pretty simple, just time consuming.
And I had all the materials on hand so it was free 99!

I made this pillow by painting circles on some muslin with gold fabric paint.
I just free handed it so its not perfect but that's kind of what I wanted.
I also had these supplies on hand so another free pillow!

I grabbed this basket from my basement, spray painted it silver
and tossed our christmas cards in it so they are out and visible.
My kids love looking at the family photos. :)

And last but not least,
just a little burlap wrapped tree with lights in my kitchen.
I love the extra little glow.

The tree at night and Jetty topping it off with the star.
He was so excited he got to do it this year. :)

Merry Christmas!


Gwen, The Makerista said...

Oh, putting the topper on the tree is always the best part! Hope you all have the most Merry Christmas!

amy said...

so beautiful! I love the leaf wreath!!!

julia said...

Hey Chelsea! Hope all is well! I was just scrolling through and wanted to ask where you all got your couch? We just moved back from kc and sold all of our furniture so we are searching for furniture. Thanks so much!

Chelsea said...

Our couch is from Nebraska Furniture Mart! From like 10 years ago... It looks terrible and we need a new one but I still love the shape of it! Good luck!

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