fall wrap up

December 6, 2013

Just wanted to get these fall memories sealed
as we usher in the Christmas season!

My sister took me to the Mumford and Sons concert in September.
It was such a fun girls night and the band was incredible!
{the bump was starting to make an appearance}

Jia is my little shadow and helper these days.
Here she's helping me sand this beaut.

 Her first big girl braid.

 Baking pumpkin bread.
Just can't get enough in the fall.

 At the pumpkin patch.
On the coldest day ever.
They had good attitudes for about 20 minutes…

 Making it to nap time was just asking too much.

 Little brother and sister got a sleepover at grandma's
so this guy needed a mini date to lift his spirits.

 Oh you know, just getting x-rayed
to make sure there's no bobby pin lodged in my daughters intestines.

I love this age of no shame.
This is how I picked up Jay on the last day before thanksgiving break.

Carving pumpkins.
I think this may have been the first year ever we actually got around to it.

My mom wore this scarf to thanksgiving and after asking her if it was "tigur" fur
Jett claimed it as his own and wore it for the rest of the day. :)

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Gwen, The Makerista said...

so many sweet moments and beautiful babes. :)

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