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November 26, 2013

I know most are "over" fall and moving into Christmas decor
but I just can't allow myself to do that until we've celebrated Thanksgiving.
So I thought I'd share a few fall decor additions.
I never dreamed it would take so long to determine my likes and dislikes
in decorating my home and then even longer for the execution to take place.
Making up my mind is the first battle,
the second is the time or money to buy or make what I want!

My "style" is pretty simplified for several reasons...
1) I just don't have that much stuff
2) my children touch (and therefore destroy) everything
3) finding time to clean my house is tough enough with 3 littles,
having less things to move and dust helps

That being said, I still feel like my house is really empty
but I know we'll "get there" someday. :)
The hard part is waiting for something once I've gotten the vision for it! :)

My mantle is pretty much the same as it was last year
except for one little addition...

I picked up these antlers at an antique shop this summer on our way home from "the farm".
I had been wanting to incorporate some into my fall decor and found these for a steal.

I fell in love with this blanket at target.
I love the bittersweet color with the aqua blue in my living room.
I found the gray twill pillow cover at hobby lobby for super cheap
(look in the curtain section!).

I also fell in love with this little guy at target.
My kids have a thing for foxes so I knew they would love seeing him sitting on the end table. :)

I've been wanting to make a printed burlap pillow
and I thought fall would be the perfect time and a stag the perfect design.
I used the ol' freezer paper stencil method and love how it turned out.

I wanted a very simple bittersweet wreath for my front door and found this one at hobby lobby.
It had a few clusters of leaves stuck in it that I clipped out
and then it was exactly what I wanted. :)

I love houndstooth in the fall and I found this doormat at target.
{boots found here}

Thanksgiving is at our house this year
so hopefully I will have some pretty table settings to share next! :)
{Also, pray for me...I've never hosted Thanksgiving before!
Thank goodness my mother-in-law offered to make the turkey! ;)}

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