modified wardrobe: maternity skinny cords

November 19, 2013

When I pulled out my maternity box for this pregnancy
it was clear that it needed a bit of an overhaul.
The majority of my maternity wardrobe was handed down to me with Jaymin
(about 8 years ago) and most of the items were out of date or too big
(but for some reason I kept putting them back in the box).
As far as my husband and I are concerned, this is my last pregnancy
so I definitely did not want to invest in a whole new maternity wardrobe.
So I assessed what I had and decided on a just a few pieces that I wanted to add
to get me through the fall and winter and this very last pregnancy (tear)
and feel somewhat cute and on trend
(which can make a world of difference when you start comparing yourself to a house...
hello 28 weeks).

One of the items I decided was a "must have" was cranberry or burgundy skinny cords.
Why so specific I'm not sure but I was on a hunt and determined to find them.
I searched high and low and everything I found was the wrong color or way too expensive
(apparently there's a conspiracy to jack up the prices of all maternity items
knowing mothers are desperate for elastic waistbands ;) ).
Anyway, somehow in my search I ended up discovering an amazing new site...
It's called poshmark and is basically like craigslist for clothes.
And we all know how much I love craigslist.
You can buy and sell clothing, shoes and accessories - designer brands to Target.
I have no desire (right now) to sell items on the site but it is a GREAT resource for shopping.
You can easily browse the pinterest style setup but I've found that I'm more successful
when narrowing my search to very specific items.
If you download the app and sign up using this code:
you get a $5 credit to shop!
So this is where I found these XS Liz Lange (Target brand) maternity burgundy cords.

For $15. Oh. Yeah.
The only problem was they were bootcut not skinny.
But for 15 bucks and they met all my other expectations, I figured that was an easy enough fix.

how to:
1) turn pants inside out and put on
2) pin the inside seam along your leg how you want them to fit
3) take off very carefully (pins!)
4) sew a new seam along pin line
5) double check that they fit the way you want then you can trim off extra fabric to cut down on bulk

Easy! And quick.

I needed a new pair of gray riding boots and found these on poshmark as well.
They're Candies (Kohl's brand), were in perfect condition and $35.
I think its safe to say I'm in love.


Gwen, The Makerista said...

So cute! I'm totally loving that color right now too!

Hope said...

I haven't visited here in a while but I am back today… It's awesome. I have just started to get creative with material and sowing myself and you have fantastic ideas and taste. My first skirt last weekend was a complete fail… I thought I didn't need a pattern ;-). Whats the fun if I don't make things up myself and learn as I go right ?! ;-)
I'll be back!!

ps. hope you can find the time to continue all this great work but with baby number 4 you will probably be out for a while.

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