halloween 2013: diy peacock costume

November 14, 2013

I was somewhat dreading halloween this year
cause I didn't think I had it in me to complete 3 handmade coordinating costumes.
Thankfully, my 3 year old solved the problem when he proclaimed he wanted to be a tiger.
That is a costume I feel is somewhat pointless to make so I quickly hopped on my bff, craigslist,
and found a really cute one for $10. Nevermind it ended up being slightly too small.
I mean, its for one night. Well, 3 in our case. Still, $10 well spent.
Then it was pretty easy to convince my 7 year old to be a zoologist
since the kid wants to wear camo every. single. day.
is an animal fact encyclopedia and says that's what he wants to be when he grows up.
Thank you papa for the Redhead hat
and thank you grandma for the snow boots we used as hiking boots.
Boom. Costume #2 done.
I figured I could muster the energy for one cute costume for miss Jia.
Afterall, she did wear a recycled costume for her very first halloween last year. #momguilt

Once we figured out what she was going to be and I gathered the supplies
the costume came together pretty quickly.

For the top portion of the costume I found this perfectly textured, metallic turquoise fabric.
I just wanted her chest to have some shine like a peacock's without making a full top or corset.
I basically made a skirt (tube of fabric with an elastic waist)
with a little extra length so it could be tucked in.

If you've ever made a tulle tutu you know how easy they are.
You just sew 2 ends of wide elastic together (after measuring the waist)
and then tie strips of tulle all the way around it. It's time consuming but easy.
For this costume I covered the band of elastic with leftover turquoise fabric
before tying on the tulle strips.

I wanted the tulle strips to have a rounded, feather look so I folded them in loops
then knotted at the top before tying them on the elastic.
I ended up with a lot of visible knots around the waist so I looped some tulle loosely
around the top, weaving in and out of the strips.

I used this tutorial for the peacock feathers.
You basically fold layers of rectangular tissue paper pieces together,
hot glue a pipe cleaner inside for stability (similar to a real feather!)
and then cut slits in the edges like a feather.
This photo was taken AFTER halloween so they had definitely suffered some wear and tear.

The top of the peacock feathers are gold cupcake liners layered with blue felt circles.
Then I attached the feathers to the tutu with the pipe cleaners inside the feathers
(I made sure they stuck out of the bottom a little).
I wanted them to come off easily cause I knew they'd be destroyed 
and then the tutu could be used for dress up or another future costume.

The headpiece is made out of large sequence and jewels
hot glued onto pipe cleaners and then attached to a headband I had on hand.

This costume was definitely jimmy rigged but it was decently cute
and worked for one night of trick or treating. :)

eating a dandelion...

I'm obsessed with her little bun.
I can't get enough of it.
I only wish mine was this precious.

And a blurry/bad lighting photo of all 3
as we were literally running out the door to trick or treat...

Jett and Jia's faces kill me.

And one of my baby doll trick or treating with nana.
She got the hang of it after about 2 houses.

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