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October 10, 2013

Children are selfish.
Babies are selfish.
And let's face it, so are adults.
We are born this way.
We come straight from the womb, into this bright, cold world as selfish sinners.
Did I just pop your newborn honeymoon bubble?
Sorry about that.
But it is true.
Even though newborns are pretty much the most precious things on earth.

A couple weeks ago we had some couples from church over for dinner
(our church is doing this awesome 4x4 dinner thing, where you get together with 3 other couples you want to get to know better - preferably not your best friends ;) - and have dinner at each of your houses)
and the topic turned to parenting, as per usual, and along with that,
teaching our children to share.
A friend was like "I never thought teaching my child to share would be so difficult."
And I responded with the "dude, we are all born selfish sinners" spiel.

We have to TEACH our children to not be selfish.
We have to TEACH our children to share.
We have to TEACH our children that the world does not in fact revolve around them.
(Having more than one child definitely helps this concept. ;) )
We have to TEACH our children to love others.
Did you get that?
And we have to TEACH our children to put others before themselves.
A concept my 7-year-old is just starting to understand.
A concept I think I understand but fail at on a daily basis.

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I'm digging deep into the fruit of the Spirit right now in bible study.
And so far, its not only given me many spiritual spankings,
it has also really overwhelmed me with what we are commanded to do.
And that was just after the first characteristic - love.
My ugliness is being revealed to me day after day.
I'm seeing how truly selfish I really am.
And I always considered myself to be fairly self-LESS!
But it's just not the case.
I'm also seeing how much I envy and compare my life to others.
(see Galations 5:19 - the verse right before the fruit of the Spirit - for the opposite of the fruit)

When I'm at the grocery store struggling to make my dollar go further...
I bet so and so doesn't have to stress this much grocery shopping.
When I'm standing in my closet or window shopping online...
I just wish I had _______, then I would happy. I wish I could buy whatever I want like so and so.
When I'm trying to make our house into a home...
Ugh, my house is so _______! I just wish I could do _______ and _______ like so and so.
Such a terrible way to live life.
Especially when the Lord has blessed me with so much.
It has got to be a slap in the face to Him every time this ugliness swirls in my heart.
Especially when He tells us over and over again "I am ENOUGH."

"For the fruit of the Spirit is 
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness and self control.
Against such things there is no law."
Galatians 5:22-23

I wrote this on our kitchen chalkboard to make sure I had it memorized
and also as Jaymin's memory verse.
A bonus has been Jett overhearing us working on it
and basically memorizing the whole thing as well.
That would be my 3-year-old y'all.
Seriously, now is the time to teach littles memory verses.
Before their brains have atrophied like us 30-year-olds. ;)
So these are the beautiful characteristics I'm trying to TEACH my children.
But I'm realizing, the only way they're going to actually LEARN how to do them
is by watching me.
They rarely listen to what I say.
They constantly watch what I do.

So here's the thing.
I'm going to fail at this everyday.
I'm going to fail miserably.
And that got me down when I first started this study.
Lord, I am completely incapable of doing this!
It's impossible!
And He responds,
You're absolutely right.
YOU are not capable, but I am.
I am enough.
He is enough.
And to make us enough, He has gifted us with the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit is the only one capable of agape love, of joy that knows no bounds,
of peace that transcends all understanding, of impossible patience.
Thank goodness for the Holy Spirit.
All I have to do is hand over the reigns.

I am praying daily that God will empty me of all the crud from verse 19 and 20
and that He will fill me with all the goodness from verse 22 and 23.
For the good of His Glory.
For the good of His Kingdom.
And for the good of those 3 little pairs of eyes that are constantly watching what I do.

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Gwen, The Makerista said...

I'm definitely guilty of all of the above! Have you done Beth Moore's study on the fruit of the spirit? It's by far my favorite of hers.

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