the farm.

October 1, 2013

Before school started I did something I never do.
I hopped in the car and took a spontaneous roadtrip.
If you know me at all you know "spontaneity" is not one of my strengths. ;)
Order, organization and routine rule my life.
Not that my life is really like that now with 3 1/2 littles 
but it is definitely my preferred method of living.
Anyway, Jaymin's school started a week later than everyone else we knew
so rather than sit around and enjoy our last days of summer at home doing nothing
I loaded them up and took them to a favorite childhood destination of mine.
The farm.

We played outside, worked in the garden, hunted for baby kittens, 
went to the fair, and reminisced.

{it only took her 18 months of life for her first gum-in-hair experience}

I hadn't been back to the farm since my grandma passed away 7 years ago
and things are definitely very different.
Its amazing how the absence of someone's spirit
can change the mood of a whole house, farm, town.
Growing up, I remember huge, made from scratch meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner),
the whole family gathering around the big wooden table
where there would be plenty of "friendly" banter about religion, politics, farmlife.
Her punch.
Her cinnamon rolls.
Her quirks.
Sadly, the farm wasn't the way I remembered it, the way I wanted my kids to experience it.
But if you hear them talk about it, you'd think it was the most magical place on earth.
They may not have the same memories as me but they've made their own.
With their grandma.
And her punch.
Her cinnamon rolls.
Her quirks.

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