craigs list & chalk paint

October 23, 2013

Just to be open, honest, transparent, real...
I should probably start this post off by admitting
that I might have a slight addiction to craigs list.
And by slight I mean I scour it almost daily
and don't ever plan on buying another piece of new furniture again.
Okay, maybe a mattress. I'd probably buy a new mattress.
That being said, for the most part I make out pretty well.
But recently I did have my first craigs list FAIL.
Let's just say I won't be sending my husband to pick up items alone anymore.
No, it really wasn't his fault, but if I would have seen the item in person
I definitely wouldn't have bought it.
Unfortunately, he didn't know any better.
But fortunately, I was able to turn right around and sell it again with a loss of only about $5.

My most recent purchase and project was a new stand for our tv.
My husband received a new {gigantic} tv for Christmas last year
which completely dwarfed our pathetic garage sale, terribly painted (on my part) current tv stand.
The kids had also beaten it to hell which didn't help its lacking aesthetics.

In my excitement I forgot to get a picture of the old setup
but here's the old tv stand...

It now lives in the basement (aka. the used furniture lot, as my husband has recently named it)
where it can endure more abuse from the children.
This was actually a step UP from our previous tv stand...
which was a step up from the CHAIR our tv sat on when we first got married.
We've gone from really poor, to poor, to a lot less poor. ;)
We are super blessed to own our own home now but now our mortage makes us poor - ha! :)

I have been looking for months for just the right piece and knew exactly what I wanted.
And finally found this gem...

They were asking a bit much for it and I was able to get them to knock the price down a little
but I still ended up paying more than I had planned.
BUT. It was exactly what I wanted and it was in great shape.

I decided to paint it the same color as another table in our living room
(also an endeared craigslist purchase ;) )
and I know what some of you are thinking...
and the answer is yes.
Yes, I "ruined" a beautiful antique...that might even be real cherry...
but what I keep telling myself is that it's important to make your home "you", right?
Plus, I love giving used furniture pieces a fresh coat of paint
...especially ones that smell like old ladies.

I decided to try out this whole chalk paint phenomenon swirling around the blogosphere.
A friend of mine just redid her kitchen cabinets with it
and another friend and blogger redid her living room tables.
I researched and researched and researched and finally pulled the trigger
and decided to make my own homemade chalk paint.
(There are tons of homemade recipes out there - just google it!)
Here is the end result...

I honestly and truly love it.
It's so "me" and is a beautiful addition to our living room,
even though I haven't quite figured out an arrangement that doesn't look awkward.
I had my husband drill a hole in the back for cords so this piece now houses and hides
our wii, dvd player, remotes, equipment, dvds, etc. with plenty of room to spare.

I love its detailing and curves and even washed and reused the hardware,
something I rarely do.

A couple of things about chalk paint:

- it is a great choice for people who like the "farmhouse" worn look and/or don't like prep work

- chalk paint does not require prep work or sanding of any kind
and can be used on tons of different finishes

- designer/name brand chalk paint is probably way better quality but is pretty pricey

- I had a really hard time getting my homemade paint smooth, 
which left white clumps on the furniture. 
I was able to sand or rub off most with a wet rag but not all

- I used Plaster of Paris for my paint but I believe the best product to use is calcium carbonate.
It's just a little harder to track down and I was feeling impatient to start my project :)

- I don't love that after 2 coats and lightly sanding, I could see my brush strokes.
This might due to needing a new brush or the homemade chalk paint

- I used Minwax Paste Finishing Wax to seal it and absolutely love love love the finish


Haley said...

I think it turned out AWESOME! I think painting wood, even real wood does make it more you and that IS what a home is all about. You don't have to follow others rules just because they know what's right or wrong!


Gwen, The Makerista said...

This is hilarious, because I just spent about 4 hours tonight combing through craigslist, looking for a dresser that I need to try some chalk paint on! Ha! I'm glad I'm not alone in this. Now, that is pretty much the size and style I've been looking for with not much luck...I went through all 1,800+ entries of "dresser." :) Wish me luck!

This turned out really great!

Jami Nato said...


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