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September 24, 2013

I've spent the summer piddling around our house,
doing little crafts and diy projects here and there,
and really not completing much of anything.

I've made some progress in our living room.
We painted it and the mantle before we moved in and I basically haven't touched it since.
I've had no vision for this room so it has been blank for close to a year.
All of a sudden I'm overflowing with ideas (but not cash) and am trying to make it look like we've actually lived here for more than a week. Aka. warm and welcoming.
There are still a lot of projects I want to do but for now this is one thing I've completed.

I got this end table for free and it was just what I needed.
All wood (glass top + littles running around = no bueno) and a drawer for tv remotes.
I realize this is a really beautiful stained wood and I know some people will freak that I painted it
but the dark just didn't fit in my living room.
Especially with my chocolate brown furniture that will not be getting updated anytime soon.

I sanded and painted it with 3 coats of semi-gloss latex paint.
We always have a gallon on hand 
now that we have all white woodwork and I can't stop painting things white.
I didn't distress it cause I knew my family would add their own and they didn't disappoint.
There were already a few chips by the time I got around to photographing it.
Good thing I like distressed, chippy furniture. It makes life with children much easier. ;)

I saw this lamp at hobby lobby and fell in love instantly then waited for it to go half off.

I decided I liked the original hardware but the shiny brassy gold wasn't workin' for me.
I read a bunch of tutorials on how to age brass and then ended up
just spraying it with bronze spray paint I had on hand
and then "aging" it with some black acrylic paint, wiping it off as I went.

This little project motivated me to finally make some summer pillows September.
And now its time to change it all for fall. That was a fun month of pillows on my couch. ;)

I finished the boys' room earlier this year
but recently added a little lamp that didn't sell in my garage sale this past spring.
I liked the shape and simplicity of it for their room but wanted to make it more fun
so I covered the shade with bright chevron fabric.

I measured the shade and then cut the fabric leaving a seam allowance on top and bottom
and enough length to overlap the ends a bit.
Then I pressed and hemmed all the seams.
I used spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the shade
and then overlapped and hot glued the ends at the back of the lamp.

Pretty simple and cute.

I added this little beaut to my kitchen window sill
and love looking at it every day.
I bought it years ago when I was still trying to figure out "my style".
I knew it fit it but I could never find a place for it in our old home.
I found it while digging through a box of old decor, took the matting off 
and cut it down to fit this frame I already had.
My beloved spoon easel is from anthropologie.

And now its time to get busy on fall!


Melinda said...

Love all of your re-dos- I wish I was more crafty!!

Hope said...

Oh my… that lamp!! We recently bought an awesome lamp but the shade was a very plain creme. I was thinking to paint it knowing that usually doesn't come out great. Now I have the perfect plan!!

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