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September 4, 2013

So Jay's been in all day school for about 2 weeks now
and we've definitely gotten into a new groove.
Its different having just the little kids at home...different but good.
Jaymin gets way too bored at home.
He needs more of a different kind of stimulation.
Jett and Jia are figuring out this new season as well.
Jett misses Jay and picks on Jia.
Then she retaliates.
I'm trying to teach him that she's all he has now that Jay's in school
so he should learn to play with her. :)
It's nice to have more time for the little ones and more intentional time with Jaymin,
rather than just telling him to find something to do.

Jett could, and probably should, be in preschool right now
but we're still exploring our options.
We didn't have a mortgage the last time we were paying for preschool so that's fun.
I've been trying to work with him at home until we figure out what to do.

I make Jay's lunch everyday, it hasn't been too hard,
but I know I'm lucky because its just one lunch,
he doesn't have to be to school until almost nine and we live 3 minutes away. :)
His packed lunch was cool for about a day.
Day 2 of first grade he comes home asking why he can't eat a school lunch.
"Mom! They had mini chocolate chip pancakes today!"
That's why dude, that's why. ;)
I have my quiet afternoons back since both the littles still nap.
It's glorious.

We can go places in the morning now and be back whenever we want.
As long as I'm willing to put up with the tired and hungry meltdowns
...or stop at grandma's house for lunch and naps. ;)
Bible study has started back up (thank you Jesus, I need it),
we play, bake bread, I clean, they watch sesame street, we count, color and learn the abc's.
Jia sits at the big table now for snacks. She's big you know.
It's good...different but good.
I want to enjoy the calm of this semester since who knows what the next will bring...
...I mean, yeah a baby, but other than that. ;)

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