our house: exterior before & after

August 30, 2013

This spring we had our house painted.
I wasn't super thrilled about spending 4 grand on something I thought could wait,
but my husband insisted it was necessary and now I'm so glad we did.
The difference isn't as striking in photos as it is in real life
(and apparently I took them at different times of the day, whoops)
and I wish I would've gotten the "before" shot after the painters powerwashed the house.
It was even worse!

This was taken shortly after buying the house.
I don't think we were even moved in yet.
The paint was faded and chipping.
Most likely it hadn't been painted since it was built and probably not well even then.
The landscaping was over grown and out of control
and the yard was pretty much all weeds.

We painted the house a not-too-dark/not-too-light/not-too-warm/not-too-cool gray.
Aka. my happy place. ;)
The trim is pure white and I stole the door color from my friend Chelsea.
I might be slightly obsessed with it (as evidenced by my instagrams post paint job)
and am thinking about using the color somewhere in our house.
The yard is looking better thanks to my hubby but it's still mostly weeds.
The landscaping is non-existent but at least its clean - shrubs and plants to come someday.
And my husband took apart all of the light fixtures, gave them a fresh coat of black paint
and cleaned the glass. They look brand new! He also put up the fence.

Someday this porch will have white adirondack chairs, some pillows, maybe a swing,
and I'll sit out here drinking coffee and doing my bible study...
Someday. :)


Pussy Willow by Shermin Williams & Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore

Happy Friday!!
I've got a hot date tonight celebrating 8 years of marriage!


Mary Beebe said...
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Mary Beebe said...

Love your home! I'm planning on painting my door this color. Where did you get the pretty yellow wreath?

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