jaymin's lego party!

July 8, 2013

This year, for Jaymin's 7th birthday, he wanted a lego party.
Sometimes he would watch over my shoulder as I browsed party ideas
{part of my daily routine ;) } 
and would see something lego related and say,
"ohhh! let's do that mom!"
But when I started to legitimately plan his party
everything I saw was either over the top or severely lacking.
{Oh yeah, and a major cheese fest.}
And believe it or not, I actually like parties right in the middle of that.
I think parties that are OVER done tend to lose their charm
and ones that are UNDER done are, well, underwhelming.
So yes, for me, in the middle is juuuust right. ;)
I feel like I accomplished the "just right" category with this party!
Hope you enjoy!

His lego invites are not exactly original
but they are simple and cute and that worked for me!

I did line the envelopes with textured lego paper to make them a little more special.
And I didn't have any cute washi tape on hand
so I used yellow duct tape to seal them!

My little brother made Jaymin's name out of legos.
Isn't it incredible!?

I ordered a lego mold from amazon and made these candied legos for the cupcakes.
The kids loved that they could eat them!

Aaaaaand my lego cookies.
This is what happens when I don't hire my cookie lady.
They're fine I guess but I like the perfect ones. ;)

I borrowed my friend's lego head storage container.
It was a perfect centerpiece!

The boys were so cute doing legos together.
I thought it would be a good way to pass time but it ended up being our main activity!
Every guest we had loves legos so that helped. :)

Super excited for his "big" moment. ;)

This kid.

Can't get enough of that sweet face right now.

He was DYING to drink one of those colorful drinks from the moment I poured them.

And this is was happens at boy parties.
In case you were wondering.
Backyard dodgeball as well.
Also knows as my husband throwing balls at a bunch of 7 year olds.
It was our attempt at running off some of their sugar intake. :)

Lego favor bags.
Just like the invites - simple and cute even if unoriginal. :)

This was such a fun party.
It was the first party we've had for Jay where the kids were dropped off.
All of their moms are my friends and I always enjoy adult conversation
but this was really fun to be all about the kids 
and to watch them play with and interact with one another.
Seeing them have such a good time is what really made this party feel like a success!

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for having the boys. it was a wonderful party, as always. totally going to borrow some ideas for brendan's party. ~elizabeth

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