to the beach we went.

June 4, 2013

This time last week I was laying on the beach.
Not exactly relaxing cause who can relax
while watching 3 children at the beach? Not me.
It was suuuuper difficult to leave that incredible weather
(80 degrees and sunny EVERY day!!) and scenery.
We had such a great time!

Jeff's grandpa was a locksmith and his grandma a teacher.
They raised 5 children and saved every penny they could
and have now had a VERY comfortable retirement.
They periodically take their entire family
(children, grandchildren and great grandchildren) on vacations.
When Jaymin was 6 months old they took all of us on a cruise to the Mexican Rivera!
Jeff's grandpa has since passed away
but his grandma thought it was time to get us all back together again. :)
And we couldn't be more grateful!

Jett's airplane.

Even though we had to get up at 5am to catch our flight
I was really excited to take the kids on their first (memorable!) airplane ride.

Jia and daddy catchin' some z's.
That was an eeeeeearly flight.

This sight was worth all the traveling!...

Jeff's grandma reserved these 5 cottages for the 30 of us.
It was a perfect setup!

Her first (but definitely not last) taste of sand...

Granny Lucy came down to play.

We met the sweetest kids on the beach.
Exploring the tide pools brought us all together. :)
This little guy is my new favorite person in the world.
He thought I was 17 until he heard my kids call me "mom". ;)
Him and his siblings asked me tons of questions and he just scooped up Jia like she was his own.
I love her face, lol!

Our little family visited the local aquarium.
We spend a lot of time learning about sealife around here
so I was stoked to take them.

This photo is blurry but right after I took it there was a bit of commotion
as Jett tried to pick up the shark he was petting. Lol!
Apparently the sharks (and the employees manning the station) don't like that. ;)

This is what happens went tourist attractions make you exit through the gift shop.

And back to the beach...

Thank you Aunt Zena for the ridiculous toys. ;)

The one photo that proves I was on this trip
(awesome hair an' all ;) at least Jett's face is amazing too).

Jay's bff, cousin Jocie.

Every night we would gather together at someone's cottage for dinner.
We had the most amazing meals!
On the last night we had fish tacos 
made with the fish and shark caught the day before!


The last time my hubby caught a shark he let it go.
I felt a little bad eating this guy but Jeff assured me the population is fine.
Plus I've never eaten shark before!

The whole clan!

Our last morning there Jeff got up early to watch the sunrise.
After seeing these photos I wish I would have joined him!!
But one must be careful when trying to come between me and my sleep. ;)

And just like that our glorious vacation was over.
You know when you've been on a trip and it feels so good to come home?
Yeah, we didn't feel that way at all - we could have stayed another week! :)

Thank you again Granny Lucy for EVERYTHING!!

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Zena Thomas said...

Love your blog and the photos. It was a joy filled week. I am already looking forward to our 2015 reunion!

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