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June 21, 2013

I don't know if mothers get wiser or lazier with each addition to their brood
but I'm going make all of us feel better by saying wiser!

When Jaymin was in the baby food stage I bought tons of those little containers
of organic baby food. And we had no money. Dumb.
When Jett was a baby I was all about saving as much money as possible.
That was a selling point I used when begging my husband for a second child. :)
So cloth diapers and homemade baby food.
I posted about a really great book that gave tons of nutritional, allergy and safety food tips.
But it also shares how to make fancy, flavorful food for your baby.
Uh, yeah. Ain't nobody got time for dat.
With Jia its like, open the fridge and see what can be pureed.
Which is pretty much anything!
I mean, I'm already making homemade meals for my family
so why spend the extra time making something different for Jia?

I couple of items I would make up and have on hand is pureed peas and sweet potatoes.
Frozen peas are best.
It's best to steam the veggies to not destroy all the nutrients.

I finally invested in an immersion blender and it became my baby food bff.
BFBFF if you will. ;)
It also came with this handy cup to blend food in.
After you steam your veggies, add some of the steam water.
It contains a lot of nutrients from the veggies 
and you'll need it to make the baby food the right consistency.
Add a little at first and then more depending on how thick you want it.

Keep these suckers in the fridge and grab 'em and go as needed.
It's practically as convenient as buying the little containers!

Ripe bananas can easily be mashed up with a fork.
A jar of applesauce is practically the SAME THING as "apple baby food" so keep that on hand.
I also used this a lot to make a quick meal for Jia.
It's my favorite soup and I always have it on hand.
Just mix it with a little rice cereal and its a great, yummy baby food!
This is my favorite rice cereal...
I used it anytime I needed a thicker consistency and it makes for a heartier meal.

Seriously though.
Blend up ANYTHING to make your baby's food!
And by anything I really mean anything homemade. ;)
Don't feed them blended up corndogs and french fries.
This obviously works best with soups and stews 
but one time I even blended up left over roast, potatoes and carrots!
She loved it!

Feeding your baby the same healthy meal your family is eating
is not only easier, more convenient, and healthier,
it also helps expand your baby's taste buds and helps them start to like new flavors.
Which you will totally appreciate when they can talk 
and tell you how much they hate what you've made for dinner.
Which never happens to me. ;)

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SaraBethJ said...

I love those Ball jars. Where did you purchase them? The baby food looks yummy!

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