mother's day

May 17, 2013

my 3 favorite things about mother's day this year...

1) my gift from jaymin :)

2) jett coming into my bathroom where I was getting ready for church
and saying, "Um, I yuv you and um...uh... (thinking really hard, hands on hips, looking up)
...Daaaad! What I sposed to say to mom?...oh yeah, happy mudder's day." :)

3) adding some color to my front porch.
our landscaping is still a mess but at least I have some potted flowers to deflect from it. :)
(also LOVING our new paint job. maybe one of these days i'll post about it :) )

and of course, the 3 faces that made me a mama :)...

just trying to remember each one, where they're at and who they are, right now, in this moment.

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