our home: kids bathroom

April 30, 2013

I always take my instagram "selfies" in my kids' bathroom.
They have a big mirror and its the only bathroom we've painted so far.

finally finished it last week and am ready to share it!
Here's the before...

It reminds me of a crummy apartment bathroom.
Our house has only ever been a rental so that makes sense.

And here's the after...
There's no natural light so you'll have to bear with these photos.

rugs: jcpenny
{jcpenny coupons found here!}
step stool: ikea
I painted it yellow.

I made Jia a hooded towel like the boys'.

I really loved this print by the wheatfield.
I'm kind of obsessed with her work and have tons of it on my wish list.
But I really wanted it to say "Rise and Shine and give God the Glory",
the most important part.
I also liked emily's at the jones design company,
but it wasn't the right size.
So I made this one myself.

I love these showers hooks that look like old fashioned "hot" and "cold" faucet knobs.
I've had them forever and have no idea where I got them.

oil can soap dispenser: target

So here's what we did:

1) painted

I knew I wanted a fresh breezy/beachy blue color
but I could not, for the the life of me, find what I was looking for.
I had a bunch of old blue paints that I had used on other things
and just started painting them on the wall and ended up mixing my own combination
and taking it to home depot and doing a color match. :)
So this is a custom "chelsea" color. :)

2) added white beadboard/wainscoting, trim and hooks
{we used emily's tutorial}

3) painted the vanity white and changed the drawer pulls

4) framed the existing mirror

It is ginormous, spanning the length of the whole vanity,
and we couldn't get it off the wall if we wanted to.
So we bought some trim, mitered the corners and used silicone to attach it to the mirror.
At first I thought it might be a waste of money but then I saw the difference it made.
It really adds so much and makes the bathroom look a bit more polished.

5) added toilet paper holder and hand towel ring

Our house was first a rental but then a foreclosure
and therefore stripped of every single toilet paper holder, towel rack, appliance
and even some knobs and light fixtures!
So we've got a lot of replacing to do.
The plus is getting to pick them out myself. :)

6) changed the nasty yellowing "white" plastic shower head to a shiny silver one

7) gave it a good scrubbing

Again. Rental plus foreclosure plus vacant for months.
'Nuf said.

Eventually I'd like to replace the faucets.
They're kind of awful.
And maybe the light fixtures.
Again, thankful for the neutral tile.
Even if it is ev. rey. where. in this house.


Jill@babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, Oh My! said...

you are a gorgeous momma!! and now not only did you motivate me to lose weight and gorw my hair out you also motivated me to redo my kiddos bathroom! super cute!!

Keri Janda said...

Looks awesome! Nice work, a classic look that will grow with the kids :)

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing Chelsea!

mwimp said...

it looks amazing!! completely different! i luv that you used the different blue paints you had, very thrifty and ingenious.

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