April 10, 2013

This post is my life lately.
Not gettin' a whole lot done around here
other than keeping children alive, fed and {somewhat} clean.
I'm wrapping up our kiddos bathroom so hopefully
I can share that soon! :)

If you follow me on instagram these photos are old hat.
If not, feel free to! :)

Things found in my son's pocket.
Flashlight on.
Sucker unwrapped.

She's stuck. And screaming. :)

Coloring time is over.

Freakishly warm day this winter.
Jia thought she was big stuff riding in the wagon.

Self explanatory.


Story time.

Headed to target with all 3 littles on a rainy day.
Trying to hide the fear in my eyes. ;)

Baby doll all tucked in for naptime.
This one's gonna be a good daddy. :)

Sure why not.

I still have a few cash clutches for sale!

I took a chance with the chambray fabric
and think I struck out on that one.
Leave me some feedback!
Let me know what you like and what you don't like! :)

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