modified wardrobe: easter outfits

April 2, 2013

This year I managed to only spend about $35
on {coordinating} easter outfits for the whole fam!
It's the cash clutches, people. They really do work! ;)
More on those later...

Let's start with Jia.
I bought her dress at Burlington.
Not usually a huge fan of that store,
but you can find some pretty dresses for pretty affordable prices.
Jia's dress was $19.99 and I used it to set the color scheme.
Here's the before...
I thought it was really pretty and vintage looking
{and it came with some little bloomers!}
but the ribbon roses along the waistline made it look cheap
and the dress had enough going on without them.
So I snipped them off.
Ah. Much better.
At least I think so. ;)
Now she needed a sweater.
Remember the purple cardi I mentioned here?
Well, it was looking even more ragged.
But it was the perfect color and size and I was NOT going to buy a new one for one day!
That's if I could even find one!
So I was determined to make it work.
I needed to hide a couple of little holes and some discoloration
{or at least distract from them ;) }
so I made a ruffle out of extra purple fabric from my outfit {below}
and stitched it along the sweater opening and around the neck.

I thought it turned out pretty sweet
and I think she can even wear it for a little longer now.
I made her headband with some lace trim from one of her birthday gifts.
Her shoes were hand-me-downs {a little big but they worked!}
and I had white tights already!

The boys wore chambray shirts {already in their closet},
khaki pants {I bought some for Jay at gap outlet for 40% off},
converse shoes {already on hand and looking decent after a good magic eraser scrubbing :) },
and purple gingham ties.
I was about to purchase some on etsy like I did last year
but just couldn't stand spending $30 on something I could probably do myself.
So I bought some fabric and used this tutorial.
They were pretty easy to make and turned out pretty well 
{and are only worn for a couple hours anyway! :) }!

My easter outfit started out with a dress I wore
to my brother's rehearsal dinner...over 10 years ago. ;)
It's been hanging in my closet all this time cause I liked the color
and the bottom of the dress but I never wore it because the top was pretty outdated.
I've been planning on turning it into a skirt for years
but a purple easter color scheme finally gave me the motivation to do it. :)
I didn't spend a lot of time on this modification because the dress isn't in great shape
and I still don't think I'll wear it all that much.
I basically just cut off the top {this extra fabric was used to make the ruffle for Jia's cardi!}
and made a casing for an elastic waistband.
If you want more details on how to do this leave a comment!
I wore this with a cream colored vintage looking blouse from forever21
and watched youtube tutorials to figure out how to get a vintage style hairdo. :)

Would you believe my hubby had a lilac colored button down? :)
Like I said, I spent about $35 total on easter outfits,
1 dress, 1 pair of khakis and a little bit of fabric!
Not bad for 5 coordinating outfits!

Check back tomorrow for the cash clutch giveaway winner!!


Jenny said...

You all look so great! That little dress is adorable and I also think it is better without the roses- love the ruffle on the cardi though. Nice work! and love your hair.

Allie said...

This is cool!

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