snow days

March 14, 2013

Since it's sunny and almost 70 I'm going to go ahead 
and post our snow day photos in hopes that they are now behind us.
We also had our house powerwashed today to prep it for a much needed paint job.
We kinda look like the Harveys of the neighborhood, as my dad would say.
Yay for not looking wt!

The first snow of the season called for staying home all day
and a nice cup of chai tea.

This was the most snow I had seen in awhile...
...then we got 20 inches 2 months later.

There is nothing like your child reaching for your hand.
This little guy does it a lot and I love it.

One of our friends had a last minute
hot chocolate and sledding birthday party on one of the snow days.

It was chaos. And lots of fun. ;)

Ready to hit the slopes!

Jia Rose enjoyed sledding from the top of the hill in her non-moving sled.
And her abundant icy snack surrounding her helped keep her occupied.

Daddy probably had more fun in the snow than his kids
since he got to drive around his boss' mule.
And by mule I mean gator, not donkey.
...and by gator I mean all terrain golf cart thing, not alligator. ;)

Bring on the sunshine and warmer temps Lord!
We. Are. Ready.

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