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February 25, 2013

Last year my mom opened up a little paper supply/scrapbooking shop in gardner, ks.
I was really excited when she asked me to plan her grand opening celebration.
I was also ready to deliver Jia Rose at any moment.
I just kept praying that little girl would let me set up the party I had worked so hard on.
And she followed directions like the good little girl she is. :)

It's been a year now and my mom asked me to set up a little table in honor of the anniversary.
She wanted all neutrals and I was pretty pumped with how it turned out.

I mostly used items she had sitting around her shop,
including that incredible wooden table - that I keep warning I'm going to steal! -
and antique display pieces as well as a lot of current product they're selling.
I made the canvas ruffle, lace fabric hoops and the lace trimmed burlap runner.
This was such a fun little project!

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