jia's dreamy birthday brunch

February 20, 2013

Jia's party.
I probably spent way too much time on this.
But I don't care.
I loved almost every minute of it.
The theme, if you can call it that, was "dreamy".
The color scheme? Mint, peach and gold.
And it had lots of meaningful details.
Simple was also a look I was going for.
I wanted the party to be well done but not over the top.
I'm pretty sure my husband just lol'ed at that last sentence.

A brunch just seemed like the right fit for this party
and that was what my baby shower was for her as well.
So we welcomed her to the world
the same way we celebrated her first year here. :)

Ruffles were a must.

Homemade cream cheese mints.

My mom made the cake!

There were donut hole towers at my baby shower
and I thought they were so cute I had to have them again!

My sister and I made these cookies.
They were no where near as gorgeous as my cookie lady's
but they did the job.
I definitely wanted to incorporate hot air balloons into the party.
My hubby is from New Mexico,
where they have a HUGE hot air balloon festival every year.
New Mexico's license plates even used to have hot air balloons on them.
I thought that would be a sweet little detail.

Jia's newborn photo, blown up and placed front and center. :)
See all of them here.

Grapefruit punch.
Thrifted peach stem glasses.

Lime sherbet punch.
I found this milk glass punchbowl and cups at an antique shop
probably a year ago.
So glad I finally got to use them! :)

Me and my sis/assistant. :)

The rest of the menu included
egg casserole
biscuits and gravy (my dad's incredible recipe!)
homemade cinnamon rolls
yogurt, granola and berry parfaits

I made a table runner out of my grandma's doilies.


Peach roses were just too perfect for Jia Rose's party. :)


I spray painted strarbucks bottles gold for vases.

And wrapped baby food jars with mint colored yarn.

I think my friend emily did this for her daughter's birthday...
I had a bunch of Jia's instagrams printed, put them in chronological order,
and hung them on an old window with yarn and gold spray painted mini clothes pins.
Then I told guests to take their favorite home!

Then it was time for cake...

Get it girl.

This girl did not hesitate AT ALL when it came to cake time.
She was taking fist fulls out of her cake like she was an old pro at first birthdays.
I promise, we did not rehearse. ;)

Presents were not as exciting as her cake but she did enjoy reading her cards. :)

She got a rose teapot from grandma.

She also got a Nordstrom giftcard for her first shopping trip with grandma and aunt Cassie.
Look how excited she is.
Ridiculous. :)

Sunglasses from uncle Colby and aunt Angie.
Again, ridiculous. :)

Jia's outfit:
I found the peach and gold tulle skirt at Target probably 6 months ago.
It was a big inspiration for the party. :)
I made her shirt and headband.

The party could not have gone better.
Jia was amazing the entire time and I'm so grateful for that.
I am also extremely grateful for all the help I got!
My 3 moms, my dad, my father-in-law, my sister, my friend Jami.
Thank you for all the cooking, cleaning, crafting and photo taking!!
I couldn't have done it without you!

Amazing photos courtesy of:
my mom
my sister
and a few from me

Jia has been such a delightful addition to our family.
Surreal sometimes even.
It's crazy to think where we were almost 2 years ago.
And that we almost lost her too.
God is good.
And we. are so very. blessed.


MaddyChristine Hope-Brokopp said...

This is SO lovely!
And all those details...

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful sweet friend! Jia is such a lucky girl!

amy said...

beautiful party and a BEAUTIFUL little girl! so glad we celebrate with her on her special day!

Allyson C. said...

so so SO bummed i missed this. grrrr..... why must life work out that way when it comes to our family's travel schedule and your parties. it looks like perfection. and you look so happy and GORG in all of the photos too. and the nordstrom gift card bit made me lol. jia is exquisitely beautiful. just like her momma. xoxo - A

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