downton abbey season finale tea party

February 22, 2013

I'm sure we can all agree
(that is, those of us who are completely smitten with downton abbey
and all its history, drama, wit, and to-die-for wardrobes)
that the season finale last Sunday was quite the letdown.
BUT. It did offer me the perfect excuse to throw a tea party. :)

I didn't realize so many of my girlfriends watched the show until this season
when downton abbey photos consumed my instagram feed.
So I gathered them together and asked them to bring a tea party snack to share!

With Jia's big party the day before,
I wanted to keep this evening with friends simple.
And by simple I mean decorating just one table. :)
Here it is all ready for food and guests...

We had tea, wine and hot chocolate with baileys and kahlua
(are you kidding me!?!? so ridiculously good)
as well as cream cheese pound cake, cookies and yummy cheesy biscuits and marinara.
By candlelight.

My sweet friend Allyson posted this photo on instagram...

Leave it to my amazingly talented photographer friends to take better photos with their phones than I do with my camera - ha! :) 

My hubby snagged this photo.
Apparently we were cracking him up with all our "ooo's" and "ahh's" during the show. :)
He told me he figured it was the equivalent to the "big game" for dudes. :)

I'll wrap up with a little fashion tip I learned that night.
The perfect downton abbey hair-do, compliments of my super fashionable friend, Allyson.

Put an elastic headband over your head "hippie" style.
Then roll your hair up and over into the bottom of the elastic.
It's super easy but I think it probably works best on medium length hair, not short or super long.
I have a really hard time getting all my hair into it and getting it to stay.
So I'll secure with bobby pins and some hair spray.
But I think its sooo pretty and vintage!
My new favorite 'do! :)

blouse: forever 21
earrings: francesca's


Allyson said...

such a great idea you had with this little soire. and super selfless to do it on a weekend when you already had a ton going on. always the hostess with the mostess. can't wait to hang again sooooon!!! (and now i shall go make my self some hot cocoa and baileys....)

Jami Nato said...

i'll be getting hair extensions ASAP

MaddyChristine Hope-Brokopp said...

Not a Downtown Abby watcher so I will comment on your hair in that last photo. That is so pretty. Great looking all around!

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