random christmas photos

January 2, 2013

Christmas was random this year.
Well, at least as far as my photos were concerned.
I'm still not great at taking photos on holidays and family gatherings.
Everything just happens so fast and I'm still not very good with my slr,
so I'm lucky if I end up with a handful of good photos.
Thank goodness for instagram and its instantaneousness.

What? You didn't know ironman attended the birth of Christ?
Hot chocolate and popcorn while we trimmed the tree.
My mom got the boys these mini starbucks mugs.
They're seriously only like 3 inches tall.
The boys were throwing them back like hot chocolate shots.
We spent Christmas this year in New Mexico with Jeff's family.
We drove the 16 hours.
My oldest and youngest did great.
The middle child, not so much.
And no offense, but Oklahoma has GOT to be the absolute worst state to drive through.
{see above photo of desolate wasteland}
This is where Jeff grew up.
Isn't it so cozy looking?
His parents' house is nestled in the mountains right outside of Albuquerque.
They've done a ton of renovating to the interior over the years
and I think I appreciate it a little more each time we go.
After tucking babes in for the night
and wrapping a few last gifts
I cozied up with the Robertsons on Christmas Eve.
 Christmas morning!
I love their silhouettes around the tree.
Jetty was so careful unwrapping his gifts this year.
 Jia was thrilled with the aftermath.
Daddy helping Jia with her stocking.
 My sweet boy. Counting his chocolate money.

Christmas was really nice this year and it was so wonderful
to spend some time with Jeff's family.
Most of them were meeting Jia for the first time
and some hadn't even met Jett!
I was bummed to leave the party early to attend my grandpa's funeral
but I feel so blessed that I was able to be with my family that day.

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