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January 18, 2013

Wow. Two room posts in one week!
Can you believe it??
The kitchen has actually been done for awhile but I thought it should probably be clean
before taking photos and that in itself is a Christmas miracle.
We did most of the work to the kitchen before or right when we moved into the house.
It was pretty much our first project.
But it took some time to finish the cabinets
and then we had a giant hole where a microwave should be until like December.
So I'm finally considering it "done" even though its not decorated
but that's just going to have to come with time.

Here's the before...

And the after...

So pretty much the first thing we did was paint our cabinets.
White. And boy are those suckers WHITE.
I was pretty hell bent on at least starting the project before moving in
cause I knew it would be a huge pain to unpack everything and set up my kitchen
and then undo it all to paint.
It was stressful having our kitchen torn up for the first couple weeks
but worth it in the end.
My stepdad actually did most of the work for us,
leaving just the cabinet doors and drawers for Jeff and I.
We used sanding blocks to rough up the surface then primed and painted 2 coats of semi-gloss.
The white cabinets are definitely proving to be high maintenance
(they chip and show dirt) but I just can't bring myself to regret painting them.
I really love how they look and I think the upkeep is worth it.
We also painted the walls gray (same as the living room, cause they're basically the same room).

I've always wanted glass door cabinets in my kitchen
so I was determined to make that work too!
So I figured out which ones I wanted to be glass,
and then my dad cut out the paneling.
Then we sanded and painted the doors and took them to Olathe Glass
who cut and installed the seeded glass.
I could pretty much marry these cabinets.

Something else we did right away was change out the light fixture above the island.
Thankfully my husband hated the original us much (if not more) than I did.
This one was $30 from home depot and exactly what I wanted!

Since the house was a foreclosure, it was completely gutted of all appliances
(as well as some light fixtures and knobs...).
And I'll just be totally honest and say, that wasn't such a bad thing. ;)
I've never had new appliances before so it was a freaking dream come true
to be able to pick out my own!
Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Heck yes.
So of course I went for the stainless steel.
I love how it looks but definitely understand people's hesitation because of smudges.
I rarely buy special cleaners and thought I could get away with glass cleaner
for my stainless steel appliances.
Turns out, you really do need the special wipes!
The only appliance I don't love in stainless is the dishwasher
cause it gets the most water drips.
Oh? What's that? I have a dishwasher now?
Well yes, as a matter of fact I do.
And now that I remember to use it, it's pretty freaking glorious. ;)
I also got a gas stove (a must) and a convection oven
(also a must, but that one took a bit of convincing with the hubs)
and am in culinary heaven.

I've always wanted these cup pulls on my drawers.
I found these at Locks & Pulls, a local place, but have seen them everywhere.
We changed out all the drawer pulls and then put the existing knobs back on the doors.

I'm so glad I decided to put glass in this cabinet!
It ended up being perfect for my cookbooks and spices (and is right by the stove!).
A few years ago I started picking up these jars at world market
and slowly switched all my spices over.
The labels are from marthastewart.com.
As you can see some of mine need to be replaced.
I love having them all uniform and even alphabetized them this time for easy hunting.
(It's kind of sad how giddy I was while doing that.)

One of the issues I'm having at our new house is not having a place
for all my event glassware.
As I was setting up my kitchen I thought my new cabinets would be the perfect place
to display all my cake platters.
I really love having them all out and not hidden away somewhere
and I love being able to see what I have!

I thought this wall would be the perfect place for silhouettes of my kiddos.
Unfortunately I didn't measure properly so the boys ended up being way too big for the frame.
Oh well. I'll fix them someday.
Jia's high chair is a craigslist find!

The door on the left is a bathroom.
(Gross. This will be our next project.)
The door on the right is the laundry room.

Future kitchen updates will include new countertops, backsplash, and floors.
I'm dying for hardwood!
For now, I'm just happy the current finishes are neutral.
Oh, and that table is a hot mess. And needs to be repainted.
Neverending to-do's I tell ya.


{via instagram}

My silhouettes have been resized,
the frames are back to black
and I am sleeping better at night. ;)


audrey said...

get outa' mah face. this is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! I love everything about it!

amy said...

it is gorgeous!!!

Allyson said...

loveeee it!! you are amazing. as per usual. come be my home decorator. please and thank you. =)

katieharris said...

Wow, I love this! You've officially convinced me to paint our light oak cabinets white.

Melissa said...

Well honey you've done it again! It's amazing and the finished project looks just like you had described it in the begining. Love everything. Makes me want to change mine up.

SaraBethJ said...

Looks super chic! I love the white cabinets! Amazing what some paint and a new light fixture can do!

Jami Nato said...

this is CUSSING amazing. seriously. put this in a magazine right now.

Leah said...

ah, i love it! i've been wanting to redo my kitchen with white cabinets, but my husband keeps insisting it will be too much maintenance. Seeing yours, makes me want them soooo bad! you all did an amazing job!

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

AMAZING! I love the spices! I want to do that! Glad to know where you got the jars! Great job!!!!!!!!

hannah singer said...

gorgeous! i love the spice cabinet and numbered canisters. and the grey was a lovely, cozy choice!

Handmade Rules said...

Thanks for your inspiration. I'll get on mine soon!

JHNickodemus said...

Love it! And the table. Really the table. I was liking it and then saw the hot mess note...disagree!

MaddyChristine Hope-Brokopp said...

I did the same with my kitchen. It had cabinets I wasn't loving but it came with the kitchen ;-) I just decided to pain the whole kitchen white. So simple and inexpensive. It made the difference. Everyone who entered thought I had replaced the old one ?!

Rissa said...

I love the look or your table! Fits when in your kitchen!

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