our home: the boys' room

January 14, 2013

Progress is slow going in our new home.
Especially with moving in right before the holidays.
Of course I'd like to attack my to-do list with this new year
but its also the time to get back on track with our budget
that always seems to take a nose dive at Christmas time.

I have managed to finish up the boys' room.
It too is almost exactly like their old room.

I used the same paint color but decided to lighten it a touch when having it mixed.

And since I was using all their same decor I decided to do horizontal stripes
(something I've been wanting to try for a long time) on two of the walls,
just to change things up a bit.
The boys' bunk beds are stacked now.
Jaymin seems old enough to get up and down from the top.
And this room is actually a little smaller than their old one so its gives them more room.
I can't believe how difficult it is to make bunk beds. 
I did it for these photos and probably won't do it again!
I finally got them a dresser.
I found it at goodwill (the same time I found my $15 Christmas tree!).
I wasn't in the market for one but it was such good quality and the right size,
so I went ahead and got it.
Seriously. I just went out for groceries and came home with a Christmas tree and dresser!
Nevermind the fact that I ended up at goodwill... ;)

I lightly sanded it to rough it up and then did 3 coats of semi-gloss navy paint
and 1 coat of semi-gloss clear protective finish (due to the location of the piece ;) ).
I stole the knobs off my dresser.
In my opinion, they've never seemed to go well with the pretty dark wood.
Too contemporary or something.
They were perfect for the boys' dresser and I'm excited 
about the replacement I found for my own! :)

I hung their fabric scrap map above the dresser but I, sadly,
couldn't find a place for their red skateboard shelf.

They got the Jesus Storybook Bible for Christmas.
The little wooden whale was stolen from my in-laws house while we were there over Christmas. :)
It was one of Jeff's old toys. :)

Probably what I'm most excited about is the organization of their clothes
- shocking I know. ;)
And since I'm pretty nosy curious about the "behind the scenes"
of people's lives, I'll share my own. :)

There are 6 drawers in the dresser.
Each boy has one for socks, underwear, and under shirts.
One for pajamas.
And one for pants.
In the closet, Jaymin's clothes hang on the left, and Jett's on the right.
They're pretty stuffed in there (thank goodness for hand-me-downs!) but it works.
The plastic drawers hold shorts & swim trunks, which we don't have much need for right now.
Shoes and then their laundry basket. Full of dirty clothes.
I finally got them their own cause I was tired of dirty clothes being everywhere all the time.
Now we just have to teach them to use it!

More of the craft details from the boys' room
can be found in my original post!

One more room down!
Hopefully I'll get to post my kitchen next. :)

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Chelsea said...

Ooh, I love their room! Great job, Chels! The bunk beds are *perfectly* made. I'm impressed. :)

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