modified wardrobe: embellished boot socks

January 16, 2013

I've been wanting some cute boot socks for awhile
but there was no way I was going to pay some of the ridiculous prices I've seen.
(Seriously. $40 for a pair of socks? No.)
And, as is a theme for my life, what finally motivated me to make them was
having a need for it RIGHT THAT MOMENT.
These boot socks were made literally minutes before rushing out of the house.
It's like I got dressed and thought,
I really need some boot socks to go with this!
Ok, so maybe that's exactly what happened.
Anyway, these could be a lot cuter and nicer if you took your time with them.
Which I did not.
But they work for me and I've actually worn them a ton this winter!

So, a staple for this craft would be tall socks.
Which I did not have lying around.
But I did have thick tights that never got worn.
So first step, make socks out of tights.
Put the tights on and figure out how tall you want the socks.
Add 1-2 inches extra for the seam.
Keep the top part of the tights.
I make headbands out of tights and you can also make just a boot sock cuff
so it looks like you're wearing tall socks.
 Fold over and stich.

Pin on trim or ruffle how you want it to the inside of the sock.
I saved this trim from a shirt that fell apart.
I thought it was so pretty and couldn't part with it.
I was actually surprised though when it came in handy. :)
Stitch the trim almost all the way around.
When you get to the two ends of the trim, stitch them together.
Then finish going around the sock.

Not bad!
Again, this would be much cuter and nicer if you took your time.
But since I was running out the door to take these photos, this was good enough for me. :)

burgundy blouse: forever 21
gray skinnies: forever 21
boots: nordstrom
long gold necklace: premier

Here's another pair I made using ruffles...

Make a ruffle.
Stitch around the inside of the sock.
Stitch another small piece to the outside and handstitch on a couple of buttons or beads.

teal vest: forever 21
gray tunic: forever 21
skinnies: target
boots: nordstrom
long gold necklace: premier

Here's another little trick my girlfriend taught me...

Buy some sweaters from goodwill and cut off the sleeves
(use the rest of it to make a sweater pillow!).
Walla. Boot socks.

skinnies: target
boots: target


audrey said...

amazing idea!! i'm stealing the sweater one.

Unknown said...

Great ideas, thank you

Cynthia Sanchez said...

Great ideas!!

Cynthia Sanchez said...

Great ideas! !

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