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January 7, 2013

I know putting together family photoshoot outfits can be such a blast.
Okay, for some of you, y'all just get dressed and look super hipster chic
and perfectly not matching but I'm just not that cool.
I have to try to not match.
But I'm trying to get better at being "complimentary" and not matchy matchy. :)

This year I knew I wanted to use the color cranberry so I started there.
But just because I decided I wanted to use that color this year,
doesn't mean the stores were going to cooperate and sell it.
So I looked around at a few goodwills/thrift stores hoping to get lucky.
I didn't. But I've been playing around with dye a lot lately
{my white duvet that is now unintentionally pink is proof of that}
so I thought I could find something that might work and modify it.
I found a little sweater for Jia and went to work.

Here's Jia wearing the end product.
It looks bright pink in these photos but is actually more of a cranberry/wine color.

Love that sweet face.
Her gray skirt is from target and was one of my very first baby girl purchases. :)
Her gold polka dot onesie can be found here.
Her gray crocheted booties (that she has removed and started eating in the above photo)
can be found here.
Again, I had some cranberry colored satiny fabric on hand and made her headband.

I found this little gymboree sweater at goodwill.
It was a faded bright pink and just kinda blah (I forgot to take a before photo, my apologies).
So I dyed it with Rit liquid dye in wine.
It can be found at walmart, craft stores, etc.
I am far from an expert at working with dye so just follow the directions.
I've done both washing machine and stovetop. I'm still working out the kinks.
I would have liked it to turn out a little darker but I was running out of time and patience
so I decided it was done.
Then I snipped off the buttons (which were still bright pink - plastic doesn't dye)
and the sleeves.
I wanted it to be more like a vest and I wanted her gold polka dot onesie to show underneath.
I folded in the raw edges of the sleeves and stitched.
Then I cheated a little bit...
I wanted her sweater to close with a big gray button I had
but didn't feel like making a new button hole,
so I just sewed the gray button to the sweater and used a safety pin to close it.
Ghetto, I know. But it works! :)

The sweater was $3, the dye was $4 and her booties were $14 (but worth it ;) )
for an outfit total of: $21

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