the big 5-0.

December 5, 2012

This past Saturday was my mom's big 50th birthday party.
My sister and I did most of the planning
and my dad funded the project and took care of logistics. ;)

It was a ton of work and the party came together
but there were definitely areas that could've been better.
And I definitely should've taken party photos before it got dark.
They did not turn out well.
Dang it.
BUT. I think my mom had a really great time and that was the #1 goal.
Happy Birthday Mom!
Working like a dog was my gift to you. ;)
With a December birthday,
my mom always ends up with a "Christmasy" party
so we wanted to make sure to take the theme in another direction.
We decided on "woodland winter wonderland".
We had the party in my church's coffee shop
and moved every single piece of furniture in there.
I didn't love the red walls with the party but what are ya gonna do.
 I don't have a good picture of the cake
but we had it wrapped with brown lace
and we made the "50" topper with address numbers from the hardware store
and rhinestones. :)

A good friend made these adorable gingerbread deer cookies.
Cookie cutter from Williams Sonoma.
Recipe here.
 Mocha and toffee flavored macaroons.

My sister and I made the cupcakes.
They're chocolate with chocolate kahulua frosting.
Recipe here.
 Another friend made cranberry and feta pinwheels.
I found the recipe here.
They were sooooo good. I'll definitely be making them in the future!

For centerpieces,
we put pillar candles on a few of my moms (litra-lly) dozens of silver platters
and surrounded them with gold glitter pinecones I had in my Christmas stash.
We arranged the coffee shop's brown leather couches and chairs
into a cozy sitting area with fur throws
and spread my mom's sheepskin over the coffee table with a candle centerpiece.

We also had a hot chocolate bar with
peppermint, marshmallow, chocolate shavings, caramel and whipped cream toppings.
Me and my partner in crime.
Also known as the White Witch and the Black Witch. ;)

I'm glad it was a fun night for my mom and I'm glad we pulled it off.
Now I can get can back to house projects and finally decorating for Christmas!

Today's my mom's actual birthday.
Happy Birthday Mom!!


amy said...

ummm, yeah, you are simply amazing. gorgeous party!

Jami Nato said...

ok, these pictures are PERFECT and i prefer them in the dark...just like so. this all looks gorgeous.

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