modified wardrobe: embellished onesies

December 8, 2012

I've had a hard time finding cute and affordable long sleeved shirts for Jia this fall and winter.
So I did what I always do when I can't find something I'm looking for.
Make my own.

I bought a set of plain white onesies from Carters (my favorite to craft with)
and embellished them myself.

Please keep in mind Jia was not thrilled during any of these photo shoots. ;)
 For this one I just made some fabric yo-yos and stitched them to the collar.
There are tons of yo-yo tutorials in the blogosphere so I won't bore you with my own.
I also dyed one green for Jia's halloween costume.
I grabbed this brown onesie from goodwill
and added some brown satin ruffles.

And then my favorite one...
I picked up this matte gold fabric paint (on clearance too!)
and added polka dots using the end of a marker
and then smoothed out the dots with a tiny paint brush.

 Notice the sweet potato puff remnants on her face? I had to bribe her for a photo.

She wears this one a lot cause gold polka dots pretty much go with everything, am I right?
And she wore it for our family photos with another modified item (post coming soon).
I love how this turned out so much I have several blouses of my own
that I plan on adding gold dots to!

*All bottoms pictured are secondhand and headbands are homemade! :)


amy said...

good grief that child is beautiful! you are so crafty. how about you start a sewing group and teach me how to sew?! please!

Lizz said...

Love them all and her! I'm borrowing these ideas for Lola! I'm having a hard time as well.

Jami Nato said...

i freaking love this so much!!!! i think you need to guest post on my blog with these gems. if you want.

amy D said...

These are adorable!!! As is your child. :) :) Especially love the gold polka dots! (on the shirt, haha)

KayJackson said...

Incredible. Especially the gold polka dot one! Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas that are affordable as well.

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