we live in pleasantville.

November 7, 2012

When we first moved to this town I started looking for charm.
I'm all about small town and country livin'
but its totally different when you actually LIVE in those places.
Miles away from target.
And starbucks.
And civilization.
But we had been granted an amazing blessing in a house
and I was determined to find good in all the areas that encompassed it.
And I just have to say, I have truly fallen in love
with this town and neighborhood.
The first week we were here I drove to the {tiny} post office (it took me 3 minutes)
and everyone on the street (all 3 of them) smiled and nodded
as me and my children stumbled out of our van.
The postman who helped me was extremely kind and helpful and welcomed us to town
as I filled out a change of address form.
Then we drove to Steve's Meat Market.
No, it's not a single's bar.
It's a real live butcher shop.
With cows grazing behind it!!
They actually process the beef in house!
And this all-natural food lover's dream come true.
They also carry chicken, fresh farm eggs, some local produce and honey, BUFFALO meat (!!)
and will process deer after your hubby goes hunting. ;)
After that I drove Jaymin to school and was home 3 minutes later.
We live 3 MINUTES from Jaymin's school.
That's quite a change from 35 when we lived at my parents' house.
So far we've had NUMEROUS neighbors come over to introduce themselves
all bearing cookies and brownies
and all have been unbelievably helpful and welcoming.
The other day after school,
I walked out my front door and almost started laughing.
It was like a scene out of Leave it to Beaver!
All the neighborhood kids were riding bikes and playing in yards
and neighbors were chit chatting in driveways and walking dogs.
Jeff and I keep waiting for the horror movie to begin. Lol!
Or at least for all the women to be revealed as robots (Stepford Wives)
or for us to realize we're stuck inside the television (Pleasantville).
But we are way too imperfect for that fear to last long. ;)
Jeff keeps saying "let's wait as long as we can before exposing our wt"
and then Jett runs out of the house with no pants on.
I guess the cat's out of the bag.
Hopefully our neighbors won't judge us too harshly. ;)


Shannon Simpson said...

After living in both small towns and cities, I have to say, I have determined I'm a small town girl too! It is so nice going places and seeing faces you know. Or when you are having car trouble, being able to drive around the corner and have someone you know there to help you. I think you are going to love it in your version of smallville, we love it in ours : ) By the way, your house looks beautiful! You deserve it, you have waited long enough to get there : )

We are coming up on the 17th for a Chiefs game. Hope we get to see you! I would love to meet little Jia, she looks precious!

Leanne said...

So glad you guys are loving D-town...that's what us cool kids called it in high school. :)

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