November 27, 2012

This month I decided to take my friend's instagram challege of
I only managed 15 posts but it definitely highlights where I'm at right now
and what I'm most thankful for.
{left to right, top to bottom}

:: I think it goes without saying that I'm extremely grateful for our new home ::

:: Thankful for this sweet baby girl. And that I can be here to comfort her when she's sick ::

:: Fall, friends, food, football. Thankful. ::

:: Thankful for this place I call home and this body of Christ to worship with. ::

:: Thankful for Monday mornings studying God's Word with some great women. ::

:: Thankful I live in a free country. Thankful for the men and women who died for that freedom. ::

:: Sometimes I take showers in the middle of the day because:
1) I'm freezing cold
2) I need to jump start/energize myself or
3) I'm hiding from my children
Today it was all 3. Thankful for CLEAN, hot, running water.

:: Today I'm thankful for this child whom God seems to be using to refine me.
Apparently my heart needs a lot of work.
#godhasasenseofhumor ::

:: Thankful for such a creative Creator ::

:: Thankful some people still take pride in providing REAL, unmodified food for Americans. ::

:: Thankful for this sweet big brother. He's such a good helper to me these days and carries
his sister all around...and I let him. Eeek!

:: Thankful for children that go to bed {and stay in bed} at 8pm. ::

:: So very thankful for this girl. And so very thankful for this much needed night out.
#twilight #nerds ::

:: Thankful we can provide dental care for our kids.
(And I'm trying not to cry while he's in the chair getting it) ::

:: Thankful for my giant of a man who works so hard to provide for us.
I couldn't ask for a better leader for our family. Plus, he's kind of cute. ::

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