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November 20, 2012

You know I'm having a blast craftin' it up in our new home.
So much so that our "guest" room is a giant pile of half empty boxes,
fabric scraps and tons of other supplies that I should probably get rid of.
I'm purging as I go people.
I've been wanting to make this mason jar soap dispenser for awhile now
and you could say that my new kitchen was definitely a motivating factor.
{tutorial found here}
I also decided I needed some new pretty dish towels to add a pop of color to my kitchen.
I found some nice thick, plain white dish towels at walmart for cheap
and just stitched fabric along the bottom and added a ruffle.
I'm thinking about making these for Christmas presents.
If you're a family member or friend I apologize for ruining the surprise. ;)
Also, yes, my kitchen cabinets are {now}white...more to come on that later.
And no, I didn't realize my stove was so dirty until after I uploaded these photos. ;)
{let me know if you'd like a more detailed tutorial}
 I've been wanting large canisters for flour and sugar since I have a little more space now
and my old ones were pretty little and hard to measure from.
I was planning on having plain glass ones until I got super inspired by some numbered jars
I saw on the internet somewhere.
I couldn't find a tutorial and I was feeling impatient 
so I figured it out on my own and used what I had on hand. :)
 I found these large glass canisters at walmart for about $7 a piece.
 Print letters or numbers on full sheet label paper and cut them out with an exacto.
You can find this paper at the office store. It's not cheap but one pack lasts me awhile.
{I always have these on hand and use them for EVERYthing.
You can make your own labels, stickers, stencils, etc!}
 Carefully stick the stencil to the jar where you want it
and make sure that all the borders are stuck well to prevent bleeding.
 Then stencil on the paint with a big stencil brush.
Let dry...or if you're impatient like me, use a blow dryer. ;)
I used black acrylic paint cause that's all I had but
I'm sure you can find special glass paint or markers at the craft store.
 Then carefully use your exacto knife to give the numbers an aged vintage look.
I also needed to scrape off some paint that bled through the stencil.
The acrylic paint comes of REALLY easily so keep that in mind when you start scraping.
Then paint a coat of clear nail polish over the numbers and let dry.
I did this, again, because of using acrylic paint.
It definitely would have continued to scrape off until the numbers were completely gone,
especially after washing, so don't skip this step.
So far the clear nail polish is working great as a sealer.
 Fill with flour and sugar {or beans, lentils, whatever!} and you're done!
 I did this during naptime.
Yay for instant gratification crafts!

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Jacci in Ohio said...

Your canisters are so cute :) I love the etching step... makes a big difference!

New to your blog tonight. Can't remember how I got here... Natos or Andersons... maybe Olive's onesie on Instagram? Loved it.

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