our home: fall mantle

November 3, 2012

Here's the first "before and after"
of our new place!

One of the things I was most excited for about our house
was finally having a fireplace.
And I like that it is the focal point of our living room.
So here's the before...
I really love the rock but that oak mantle was begging me to paint it white.
Left: white mantle with existing beige walls                Right: white mantle with painted gray walls

Ahhhh.....much better. :)
Our living room and kitchen are basically one big room
and then all the walls keep leading into one another so eventually everything will be painted
Glidden Woodsmoke.
The same color I used in my old kitchen.

Here's the "after" decorated for fall....

My mom gave me the old window, I made the little banner out of burlap,
bought the mini pumpkins at walmart and the rest I had on hand!

So now you have the seen the one completed area in my house. Ha!

And a couple of photos from halloween...
Jaymin was the green ninja (oh, the ninjago obsession...)
Jett was his green dragon (recycled costume)
and Jia was a woodland elf/gnome/nomad/fairy, your choice (recycled costume).
Inspired by our recent living experience, I dressed up as a gypsy, she was my nomad. Get it? ;)

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