modified wardrobe: sweater to cardi

November 12, 2012

I've mentioned my thing with cardigans.
It borderlines a love affair really.
I just love their versatility and the dimension they add to outfits.

I find that I get way more use out of cardigans than regular sweaters
so I've been turning several of my crew neck sweaters into cardigans.
It's a super quick and easy fix.

Start with a sweater...
 This one is forever21 from a long time ago.

Find the center line on the front and cut right down the middle...
 Then fold the raw edges in about 1/4" and pin...
Then sew down the edges and you're done!

polka dot blouse, grey skinnies, black compass necklace: forever21

I wore this outfit to church...
cream blouse and black belt: forever21
plaid skirt and boots: nordstrom

Happy cutting!

1 comment:

Kayla said...

Can I pin this? I would like to do this with my students in my FACS class.

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