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November 5, 2012

 So I pinned this cute little outfit forever ago
and was inspired to turn it into reality after my friend handed down a striped dress to me.
It was a JCrew jersey strapless maxi.
It wasn't super flattering on me and I thought it would turn into one of those dresses
 that you forget about in the back of your closet.
So I decided I needed a striped pencil skirt more. :)

First I figured out how much length I would need,
I wanted it to hit right at my knee, and then I cut that much off of the bottom.

Then I turned the piece of fabric inside out and "put it on",
grabbing the sides of the fabric until the skirt fit the way I wanted it to,
pinning it into place and then stitching down the sides.

Then I attached a thick elastic band at the top of the skirt.

 peach cardigan: old navy
ruffle shirt: old navy
skinny brown belt: forever 21 (free with another outfit)
gold bow necklace: bip & bop

The top half could still be a dress if I hemmed the new bottom,
but it might make a cute infinity scarf instead...
I'll get back to you. :)

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