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November 1, 2012

Hello world!!
Chelsea has internet once again!
I opened my browser for the first time in a week and a half
and what's the first thing I saw?
This crazy hurricane my husband keeps talking about.
I guess its a pretty big deal. Who knew?
This is what happens when you don't have cable or internet.
But I'm back!
Coming from you live from my new home!
Ready for some details??
It all started with a girl named Golidlocks...or Chelsea...

First she lived here...
...but it was too small.
She grew tired of paying rent, having limitations, and not having a garage.
She needed a place to call her own.

Then she lived here...
...but it was too big.
And it was her parents' house. It was a fun season but it was time to move on.

Then she lived here...
...and it was just right.
But it was not hers to call her own.

Then finally, all her dreams came true and she moved here... 
And she finally had a home to fit her needs and call her own.

This past spring we started looking at houses "just for fun".
To kind of get an idea of what we wanted.
I told my husband to not tease me, but it was hard to resist when he wanted to show me houses.
We looked in a few different areas but basically after reviewing our finances
and paying off a bunch of debt, we didn't have much left over for a down payment.
So we looked into a rural housing loan that would allow us to buy a house without a down payment.
Amazing, right!?
It limited our choices to smaller towns but they're all still close to the Kansas City area
AND my hubby is slowly inching me closer and closer to the country.
And I'm not really resisting.
So we decided on Desoto because it kept us the same distance to Jeff's work and church
and made us more centralized for Jeff's family in Lawrence and mine in Olathe.
More on this little town later.
One day Jeff told me he wanted to show me a house.
So we pulled up in the driveway and I'm not joking, when I got out of the car,
I got butterflies in my stomach.
I told myself I was ridiculous because this was the first house we had looked at.
The house was a foreclosure and had been vacant for awhile so we just peaked in the windows.
A couple months went by and we got set up with a realtor
and finally got to see the house "for real".
We loved it.
But it was a little out of our price range and we wanted to see more houses.
We looked at a LOT more.
But our hearts kept going back to this one.
So we put in an offer.
The bank counter offered but we couldn't swing it.
So we waited.
Ever so patiently.
We wanted God to be the leader of this journey.
We wanted it to be HIS timing and the house HE had chosen for us.
If the price wasn't right, we would wait.
If someone else bought it, we would know it wasn't for us.
If we didn't get the loan, it wasn't God's plan.
A month later, my husband was cyber stalking "our" house (as per his daily routine)
and saw that the bank had dropped in price again.
We called our realtor.
We went back and forth with the bank a bit but they were finally ready to play.
We agreed on a price and started the process of inspections and loans.
Waiting to see if we qualified for the special rural housing loan is what took so long.
Then the day finally came.
We moved in a week later. :)

The house needs a lot of work but its mostly cosmetic.
I can handle cosmetic.
And it was filthy.
As I mentioned, the house was a foreclosure.
A builder built it and then couldn't sell it
(cause he was asking too much for it, we ended up getting the house
for about $100,000 less than what he was originally asking for it.)
so he rented it out.
It's never had a homeowner to show it some love
and we are just the family to do that. :)
Because the house was a foreclosure and we qualified for the rural housing loan
we got an AMAZING deal and way more house than we could normally afford in a larger town.

It's so surreal to be here and we thank God for this tremendous blessing
and can't wait to open our home as often as we can to bring Him glory.


amy said...

it's beautiful, chelsea! so happy for you and your family!

The Thibault Fam said...

how exciting! my brother in law and his family live there, and they love it!

Allyson C. said...

it is so so lovely!!! can't wait to spend lots and lots of time there!! =)

Jami Nato said...

so awesome!!! i can't wait to see what you do to it.

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