growing up.

November 30, 2012

So, amongst all of the moving, painting, entertaining
and settling in that's been happening around here,
my babies have been growing up.
They're way overdue for an update.

Jia Rose decided to start crawling 2 days before we moved.
Once she started sitting up, I was fine if she stayed that way forever. ;)
I am in NO hurry for this little one to grow up. 
She spends most of her time now underneath the kitchen table.
The boys provide plenty of crumbs for her to snack on.
Even if her tummy is full, if they are eating she thinks SHE needs to eat as well.
After trying everything I could to produce more milk for her back in August,
just a few short weeks later I had to start supplementing.
It may seem silly to some, but I had to work through that in my heart.
Then a couple of weeks after moving into our house I weaned her completely.
The stress of moving, working like a dog, and not eating enough
destroyed what little supply I had left.
Jia would scream at me and push me away when I sat down to nurse her.
She was over it.
It was hard cause she's most likely my last babe but there wasn't much I could do
but accept it and move on.
I just spoke with my midwife who thinks our bodies just reach a point when they are done,
no matter what we do. That made me feel better.
The amount of time I have been able to nurse has been different with each baby.
I guess Jia's magic number was 9 months. 
So now she's crawling, weaned, and, the newest milestone, pulling up.
She thinks she's big stuff now.
And has been attempting to crawl up the stairs.
She managed to get up a few at my parents' house on Thanksgiving
since theirs aren't as steep as ours.
But everyday she stands at the bottom step and tries to get her knee up. :)
And the boys are only too happy to show her how they can go up and down.
She'll learn soon enough.
Oh yeah...and I swear she's saying mama. :)

Jettison has been a challenge lately.
He is definitely our most extreme child.
He never really resides in the middle of the mood spectrum,
but lives on the opposite ends.
Either extremely happy, silly, and sweet.
Or extremely defiant, disobedient and aggressive.
He'll look ya in the eye and tell you no.
With no apologies.
Yeah. Not okay. Especially for this mama who demands respect from her children.
And this little boy is tough.
He takes on his older brother of 3 1/2 years with no fear.
And ends up hurting him MORE than he was hurt.
He has been getting in BIG trouble for being so violent towards Jaymin,
but he is not afraid.
And in a world where fear can be all consuming, I can't help but think that is a good thing.
Even with this battle of obedience we're playing right now,
I'm not sorry about the fire I see in this boy.
I truly believe he will do great things.
But I know his passion and energy must be harnessed and he must learn
to obey his parents so that he can learn to obey his Heavenly Father.
I have been reading a book my mother-in-law gave us when Jaymin was a baby probably,
and it has helped me soooo much.
I already knew about some of the discipline concepts it teaches but
its helping me keep my cool and stay calm when I discipline
which has been my biggest struggle lately.
And it gives really basic, common sense steps that are easy to follow.
Even in the heat of the moment.
So things are getting better.
The boy's approaching 3 and 3 is always harder in this household than 2.
So that plus his "special" personality means mama's workin' overtime for awhile. ;)
On the bright side, the boy is potty trained.
Hallelujah and amen.
So far both of my kids have reached a point
where I could just tell that they were ready.
I think its important to not force your kids too early and to recognize that they're individuals
(Jett potty trained a few months earlier than Jaymin)
but I will definitely give them a little nudge if they've reached a point of readiness.
Both boys hit that point.
So once we settled in our house it was time.
I just have my kids run around pantless and ask them about every 10 minutes if they have to go.
Jaymin potty trained in about 5-7 days, Jett was even less, maybe 4-5.
He's even wanting to wear underwear to bed and is usually dry in the morning.

Jaymin has been great.
Not perfect by any means, but good.
Its just such a blessing when my kids take turns being hellions rather bombarding me all at once. ;)
Life is much more manageable that way. :)
He's doing great in school, reading everything in sight, WRITING on everything in sight,
and I'm even starting to see a creative side to him emerge.
As if I wasn't already feeling enough like a failure of a mother
with my being unable to nurse my infant daughter and my disobedient son,
Jaymin had his first cavities filled last week.
Again I say, awesome.
When I got the news I sat there racking my brain trying to figure out how this could happen.
I limit his sugar intake!
He brushes his teeth twice a day!
We eats lots of fruits and veggies!
What the heck!?
But apparently you're supposed to be FLOSSING your child's teeth (oops)
even when you can li-tra-lly see the gaps between them
and I guess even "healthy" sticky snacks like raisins and craisins can get stuck and cause cavities.
We eat a lot of craisins in this house.
Thank goodness the cavities were small and he was amazing while they were being filled.
When he got in the chair he asked for gold teeth.
Maybe someday buddy. Maybe someday.

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Jami Nato said...

oh what cute kiddos. naughty or not. cavities or not. you take better care of your kids teeth than i do. layne hasn't had a cavity yet, so i wouldn't say it's a reflection of mothering. LOL.

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